Windows 9 Coming Next Week, Says Microsoft France Exec

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Still wonder what Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s next OS will be named? Windows 9, said Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft France. And it will be unveiled at the software giant’s September 30 event in San Francisco, Crozier added. The Redmond-based company tried to backtrack on his comments, but not before WPCentral had spotted it.

Looks like Crozier didn’t get the memo

During a web-streamed presentation, Crozier said, “In the next few days, we’ll be releasing Windows 9.” He spoke in French, but TechCrunch confirmed that the translation was accurate. The Satya Nadella-led company has already sent out invites for next week’s event. Notorious Russian tipster WZOR recently said that Microsoft has already provided copies of Windows 9 Technical Preview to some online publications. But they have been asked to stay quiet until the event.

Microsoft’s official invite for the event has the punchline “What’s next for Windows?” But the company tried to backpedal on Crozier’s remarks. Microsoft told ZDNet France that it hadn’t yet decided on the name of its new OS. What else could they say when their PR plans fall apart? It’s not the first time the name “Windows 9” has leaked from Microsoft’s stable. Earlier this month, Microsoft China said on Weibo, “Windows 9 is coming soon.”

There have been reports that the software company may drop the numbering pattern and call its new OS just ‘Windows.’ Windows 9 will have a unified app store. The company began accepting universal Windows apps for desktop, tablets and smartphones back in April. In its recent ads promoting Lumia products, Microsoft has dropped ‘Phone’ from Windows Phone, mentioning the OS as Windows.

Windows 9 will have Charms bar

In the past few weeks, we have seen plenty of leaked screenshots and features of Windows 9. The OS will bring back the Start menu. It will have an improved taskbar, Cortana, notification center, and virtual desktops. Previously, rumors indicated that Microsoft will get rid of Charms bar in Windows 9. But Paul Thurrott of WinSupersite recently obtained some leaked screenshots of Windows 9 Technical Preview that still have Charms bar. Thurrott said the feature will make it to Windows 9, but it will work only on touch-friendly devices.

Microsoft shares rose 0.54% to $46.81 at 12:20 PM EDT on Wednesday.

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