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Windows 10 Ultimate Performance Mode Is Coming To Insiders

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Microsoft has announced plans to add what it calls an “Ultimate Performance” mode to Windows 10. The Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode is basically just a new power scheme targeted at computers that don’t run on battery power, probably because it will be the least power efficient option available.

The company announced the next Insider Preview build for Windows 10 users in both the Fast ring and the Skip Ahead group, which is a subset of Windows Insiders who want to skip ahead of others and move to the early build of the next version of the OS. Microsoft started allowing some Insiders to join the Skip Ahead group, and apparently, the response was good, which is why the company is doing the same thing again with the next Windows 10 build.

Windows 10 ultimate performance mode
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Last year Microsoft revealed changes aimed at advanced Windows 10 users whose tasks require very demanding jobs that require a lot of power. The new Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode is an addition to the changes that were already announced. Ultimate Performance allows Windows 10 users to maximize their PC’s performance at the expense of battery power, which is why you wouldn’t want to use the power mode while running on battery power.

Microsoft explained that as it worked on the balance between performance and efficiency, it has “amassed a collection of settings which allow the OS to quickly tune the behavior based on user preference, policy, underlying hardware or workload.” The Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode goes beyond the High-Performance power scheme “to eliminate micro-latencies associated with fine grained power management techniques.”

In addition to the Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode, Microsoft also said that the next version of the OS will include updates to the design of emojis. The changes in the emojis seem fairly minor, based on the examples the company gave in its announcement. The new version of Windows 10 will also include search for emojis in even more languages and more than 150 different markets, including the U.K., France, Spain, Germany and others. Microsoft added the Emoji Panel recently, and one of the functions of it is searching for emojis.

The company also is making changes to Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, which now will include productivity apps which target enterprises rather than consumers.

The next Windows 10 update also includes a long list of bug fixes, including a patch for a problem that kept some PCs from waking back up after hibernating, which then required a hard reboot. Microsoft is also adjusting the gestures on the touchpad and fixing problems with the Start button. Additionally, Windows Hello should be fixed on Surface Laptops running on the latest Windows 10 build.

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