Windows 10 Runs Far Better Than OS X On MacBook

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Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 is still in the development phase, and is expected to be launched later this summer. Even beta Windows 10 runs better than Apple’s OS X Yosemite on the latest 12-inch MacBook. That’s quite surprising because Apple builds its MacBooks to get the best possible performance from OS X. So, if you love the svelte design of the newest MacBook but want to use Windows for work and play, you can run Windows 10 on MacBook.

Windows 10 ‘unequivocally better’ than OS X on MacBook

Alex King, a computer science student at Tufts University, installed the beta version of Windows 10 on his 12-inch MacBook and provided some insightful new details about Microsoft’s new OS. King installed it using multi-boot utility Boot Camp. King writes on his blog, “It’s fast. It’s smooth. It renders at 60FPS unless you have a lot going on.”

He said Windows 10 was “unequivocally better” than OS X. King also praised the voice support offered by Cortana. He believes Apple would soon roll out Siri to OS X. The battery life was equally impressive. Running Windows 10, King’s MacBook offered more than nine hours of battery life with brightness at 40 percent. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet notes that his experience with Windows 10 on Mac has also been positive, with user experience being excellent.

Windows 10 still has some bugs

King was all praise for Microsoft’s Edge browser that is supposed to be better than rival browsers. He said the new browser was fast and could handle “a large number of tabs admirably.” Besides the regular daily usage, King also tested 3D gaming on his Mac running the upcoming OS. To be fair, he found that the beta Windows 10 did have some bugs. The OS is still unfinished. Sometimes it has slowdowns that don’t seem to be characteristic of its performance.

Microsoft has confirmed that the new OS will have some popular games including Candy Crush Saga pre-installed. Though the software giant is giving away Windows 10 as a free upgrade to all Windows 7 and 8 users, the OS will not be free for those using pirated copies.

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