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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S has enjoyed a lot of praise from many different sources. Now one bank is betting that Tesla’s popularity will be good for business. U.S. Bank is giving new customers the opportunity to win a 2014 Model S… or a cash prize of $100,000, if the winner doesn’t want a Model S.

Details on the drawing

According to the press release, everyone who opens a new consumer checking account with U.S. Bank through Sept. 12 will automatically be entered into the drawing. Of course there are some restrictions, which are on the bank’s website. Those who want to open a checking account with the bank must deposit a minimum of $25.

The bank will draw the winner on or around Oct. 10.

Tesla Motors chips away at range anxiety

For those who would prefer the $100,000 rather than the Model S because they’re worried about range, there are more and more Supercharger stations popping up across the U.S. Tesla Motors has been setting record after record for cross-country road trips in an electric car, but this time the automaker isn’t the one that set the latest record for driving an electric car long range.

Edmunds smashed the automaker’s previous record, driving a Model S from Redondo Beach, Calif. to New York City. In a press release, the Edmunds team said they made the trip in only 67 hours and 21 minutes, indicating just how easy it is becoming to adopt electric cars because of how fast their range is growing. Tesla’s previous record for the same trip was 76 hours and five minutes.

The Edmunds team also recorded how much total time they spent charging the Model S on their trip. They only spent 14 hours and 40 minutes charging the Model S, leaving 52 hours and 41 minutes of driving time. That means they spent a little over three and a half hours of driving for each hour they spent at a charging station. They drove at an average speed of 63.2 miles per hour and charged for an average of 38 minutes at the 23 Supercharges located along the route.

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