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Why 2022 Investing Trends In Tech Health Has Investors Putting Millions Into Fitness Apps

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Healthy technology and fitness apps are both trendsetting as the latest craze in 2022! Partly because the pandemic pounds have many looking to find innovative ways to shed their undesired weight. Not to mention, the recent public health and safety concerns wrapped around the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is shining a greater light on fitness. It’s no wonder savvy investors, both at the institutional and retail level seem to be riding this tidal wave of opportunity.

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For example, SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision fund led a $360 million funding round in China's most popular workout app buzzing with attention called Keep. With gyms closing and people left needing creative workout motivation, the Keep app soared in popularity. The app is now valued at about US$2 billion after investors poured in due to it’s prediction for huge continued success. With over 38 million active users monthly, fitness apps are proving to be a trend providing great value, not just in China, but the US as well. In fact, investors have pumped $7.3 billion into the U.S.-based fitness apps and platforms over the last five years

That’s why it’s no surprise that smaller fitness startups in the U.S. are taking advantage of the uptick in investment activities by launching all sorts of crowdfunding campaigns. One smart company that understands the trending investment and funding opportunities for fitness apps is Paid Workout. It’s a new fitness motivation app that is revolutionizing the way people workout by gamifying and incentivizing fitness. That’s right! People are getting paid to workout with the app giving away more than $75,000 in winnings to date to all sorts of fitness fans. Many can join fitness challenges from all over the world to compete to win cold hard cash as well as be a part of a supportive community. This unique fitness tech company has launched their own campaign and is already gaining major financial support.

As investors plan their strategies for this New Year ahead, here are a few trends taking place in the health and wellness sector that they may want to be on the lookout for;

Mental Health Startups

Investors have poured over $1B into mental health and wellness startups in 2020 which is the most of any category. It’s a trend we’ll continue to see. Here’s why. After the world shut down and many were in isolation for over a year, it left many mentally compromised.

Community Fitness And Online Classes

More than ever, people are looking for innovative ways to be a part of a supportive community while at home. Some are still skeptical about going to gyms and fitness classes amid the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the desire to be a part of a supportive community is still there. Therefore, online virtual fitness classes that allow those wanting to get fit with a group of like minded individuals will continue to be popular.

Fitness App Uptick with Gamification

Mobile apps for fitness are anticipated to continue to trend this year as many may still be working out from home. In fact, some people feel like the right app can actually serve like a personal trainer that can keep them on task and motivated towards their goals. Furthermore, when you add gamification to the app platform, not only does it provide fun and community engagement, but also the excitement of being able to cash in on your accomplishments.

Ultimately, every coach needs a coach! This couldn’t be more true for many as we walk into 2022. The global shut down left many without a regular fitness regimen for over a year. Therefore, people are lost and need reminders on what to do. In addition, they need the extra motivation from a coach that won’t let them quit or throw in the fitness towel.

Health and wellness is a critical topic in today’s society. Countless Americans are searching for creative ways to make fitness a priority. The search is a successful one with many finding motivation at their fingertips. Thanks to investors that understand the value of innovative wellness, health tech and fitness Apps are able to bring help to those that need it.

With all the upcoming trends and new health tech and fitness apps on the horizon, 2022 will be a great year for investors. Just like the Peloton, we can expect to see new and upcoming platforms and apps gain momentum due to generous supporters.

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