Which State Is The Most Interested In Cryptocurrency?

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  • California is the state most interested in cryptocurrency
  • New Jersey searches more for Ethereum than any other state and comes in second place overall
  • Nevada comes in third place and takes the top spot for ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Shiba Inu Coin’ searches across America

A new study has revealed that California is more interested in cryptocurrency than any other state in America.

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The research, conducted by trading experts Safe Trade Binary Options, analysed Google Trends data over the past 12 months for six different search terms related to cryptocurrency and compared this across every state in America. An average score out of 100 was then used to establish the states most interested in cryptocurrency.

The State Most Interested In Cryptocurrency

California is the state most interested in cryptocurrency, with an overall score of 90 out of 100 across all search terms. The Golden State also scored 100 for the search term ‘cryptocurrency’ - the highest in America.

New Jersey is in second place with a score of 89 – 44% greater than the average score of 62 across America. New Jersey also landed top spot for the search term ‘Ethereum’ with a score of 100.

As well as topping the searches for ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Shiba Inu Coin’, Nevada is the third most interested in cryptocurrency, with an overall score of 87.

With a score of 85, Washington is in fourth place, followed by Florida in fifth place scoring 84. Washington ranks third for ‘Ethereum’ searches and has seen more than a 1000% rise in searches for ‘invest in crypto’ over the past five years. Meanwhile, Florida saw an increase of 591% for ‘invest in crypto’ searches over the same period and came in second place for ‘cryptocurrency’ searches.


In sixth place is Hawaii, with a score of 81. Hawaii is also the top state in America searching for ‘invest in crypto’, with a score of 100.

Colorado comes in seventh place, with a combined average score of 79. Colorado has seen a 135% increase in searches for ‘cryptocurrency’ over the past five years.

In eighth place, with a score of 76, is Arizona, followed by Massachusetts in ninth place and Connecticut in tenth, with scores of 74 and 72, respectively.

A spokesperson for Safe Trade Binary Options commented on the findings of the study:

“According to a recent poll, one in five American adults have used cryptocurrency in some form. It is fascinating to see where this high level of interest in cryptocurrency is coming from across the states.

Interestingly, New York ranks in twelfth place, despite being widely considered the finance capital of the world.”

The States Most Interested in Cryptocurrency

Rank State Average Score
1 California 90
2 New Jersey 89
3 Nevada 87
4 Washington 85
5 Florida 84
6 Hawaii 81
7 Colorado 79
8 Arizona 76
9 Massachusetts 74
10 Connecticut 72

Full List of The States Most Interested in Cryptocurrency

Rank State Search Term Average Score
Crypto-currency Invest in Crypto Bitcoin Ethereum Dogecoin Shiba Inu Coin
1 California 100 47 98 94 100 98 90
2 New Jersey 96 54 91 100 100 93 89
3 Nevada 80 77 100 81 82 100 87
4 Washington 96 56 89 86 93 92 85
5 Florida 97 53 86 78 94 98 84