What’s Thomas Edison’s legacy? [Infographic]

What’s Thomas Edison’s legacy? [Infographic]

This Saturday (11th February) marks the 170th birthday of the man we think is the embodiment of innovation – Thomas Edison. In honour of this great electrical pioneer, we’ve put together an infographic to showcase some of his greatest achievements.

Born February 1847, Edison was the brainpower behind the light bulb, but his other inventions also paved the way for modern Cinema and recorded music. Owning over 1000 patents, he was dedicated to changing the world with his inventions and ideas. Edison left behind a legacy which improved millions of people’s lives and, to this day, influences the way we live.

As the people’s champion fighting to save you money through technology and innovation, Edison is one of our heroes. We hope that years from now, we too can leave a legacy and be able to say that we’ve changed the energy industry and people’s lives for the better.

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Check out the homage to the great Thomas Edison – you might be surprised by some of his predictions!

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What's Thomas Edison’s legacy? [Infographic]

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