What Will The Jobs Of The Future Look Like?

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Current uncertain economic times are leading to changes to the future of work. In fact, workers between the ages of 18 and 24 are now changing jobs almost 6 times on average, which is about twice as many times compared to older generations.

Many workers feel unsatisfied with their current jobs with 32% of knowledge workers having quit their jobs because they weren’t allowed to work remotely and 61% of workers willing to switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home. 91% of people have stated that they are happier at work when they have flexible hours and the ability to work remotely.

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The Jobs Of The Future

Remote work has the potential to increase happiness outside of work. About 66% of people are able to increase time with family, 61% can improve savings, and 62% see an overall improvement in morale. Jobs and workplaces will change to adjust to the new needs of employees, but what would that exactly look like?

The future of work will come with multiple benefits for workers. There will be more flexible workspaces that offer a variety of options so employees can choose where to work, smaller corporations will flourish and collaborate without the cost of bigger businesses, and work will be based more in teams and collaboration that provides everyone an opportunity to be a leader.

Workspaces will also be designed more for comfort, with perks like nap rooms and chances to bring pets to work.

Workers at all levels will be able to use digital assistants to organize and prioritize their work while informal get-togethers between employees will take place online with technology like virtual reality and augmented reality headsets.

In terms of internal operations. Changing workplaces will demand a new executive role that works hard to maintain company culture while workers across various locations and groups gain the opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm.

The future will require creativity and human relationships to become key to successful careers as artificial intelligence and technology take over more components of work. This includes having skills like the ability to visualize data, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, people management, and complex problem solving.

So far, the fastest growing occupations are home health aides, restaurant cooks, software developers, fast food workers, registered nurses, and marketing specialists.

With all of the changes to the job landscape, are you keeping up with the latest trends of the jobs of the future?

Jobs Of The Future

Source: ExecutivePlacements.com