You’ll Be Wearing Your Next Computer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Imagine a world in which social media is projected directly into your eyeball via special contact lenses. The lenses know the difference between conscious and unconscious blinking, allowing wearers to control what they are seeing with the blink of an eye. Sounds like science fiction, right? Well science fiction is a lot closer to reality than you might think.

Sony and Samsung are both working on development of contact lenses that can record and stream photos and videos as though you are seeing them through your eyes. Users will be freed from camera equipment and will be able to play back recordings as though they are memories.

There are a lot of different ways in which the next computer you buy will probably be one that you wear. We already wear things like Fitbits and Smartwatches, and with all the advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality it’s just a matter of time before we are wearing alternate realities right on our faces.

Facebook is developing AR glasses that will allow you to interact with the environments in which your friends are posting. Imagine having a friend traveling through Europe posting about her adventures and you can log on and see the streets of Budapest with her avatar on it. Facebook is on the verge of a totally new way to interact with your friends and the world around you.

All this technology means huge potential for the VR market. Not only will there be competing headsets and other technology, there is an even bigger potential market for development of virtual reality and augmented reality programming. Virtual Reality is projected to become a $30 billion industry by 2020, and video gaming will be just a tiny fraction of the market share. Learn more about the future of VR and AR from this infographic!

You’ll Be Wearing Your Next Computer

You'll Be Wearing Your Next Computer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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