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We continue our list of famous investor books with recommends by Warren Buffett. In this case, Buffett has written few (or any depending on the count) books but there are many about him and many he recommended. We compiled a list containing all those titles which we found sources for (or which Buffett authored below). If we are missing any please emails us at tips(@)www.valuewalk.com with a source of the recommendation and name of the book. The links in this article are affiliate links – the purchases are anonymous and it does not cost you a penny but could save you a lot of money from buying expensive hedge funds!!

LAST UPDATED 5/07/18 with a new recommendation from Warren

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The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America
Warren Buffett & Lawrence A. Cunningham
Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders Warren Buffett 2012 google.com
 Enlightenment Now  Stepen Pinker  2018  CNBC.com
Recommended Reading Books

The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

 Larry Cunningham  2018  Buffett/Cunningham
The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Alice Schroeder 1995 google.com
Buffett: the Making of an American Capitalist Roger Lowenstein 2008 google.com
tap dancing to work Carol J. Loomis 2012 google.com
Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett Andrew Kilpatrick 2000 google.com
Buffetology Mary Buffett & David Clark 1997 google.com
Warren Buffett on Business: Principles from the Sage of Omaha Richard J. Connors & Warren Buffett 2009 google.com
Security Analysis
Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits Philip Fisher inc.com
Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises Tim Geithner 2014 inc.com
Jack: Straight from the Gut Jack Welch 2003 inc.com
The Outsiders William N. Thorndike 2012 inc.com
The Clash of the Cultures John Bogle 2012 inc.com
Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales From the World of Wall Street John Brooks 2014 inc.com
Where Are the Customers' Yachts Fred Schwed 2005 inc.com
Essays in Persuasion John Maynard Keynes 2009 inc.com
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing Jack Bogle 2007 inc.com
Poor Charlie's Almanack Peter Kaufman 2005 inc.com
The Most Important Thing Illuminated Howard Marks 2013 inc.com
Dream Big Cristiane Correa 2014 inc.com
First a Dream Jim Clayton and Bill Retherford 2002 inc.com
Take on the Street Arthur Levitt 2003 inc.com
Nuclear Terrorism Graham Allison 2005 inc.com
How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie 1936
The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith 1776
The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel (Revised Edition) (Collins Business Essentials) Benjamin Graham & Jason Zweig 2006 inc.com
The Warren Buffett Way Robert G. Hagstrom 1994 google.com
Essays In Persuasion John Maynard Keynes 2009 www.valuewalk.com
The Theory of Investment Value
John Burr Williams
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money John Maynard Keynes 2009 www.valuewalk.com
The People v. Clarence Darrow: The Bribery Trial of America's Greatest Lawyer Geoffrey Cowan 1994 www.valuewalk.com
A Piece of the Action: How the Middle Class Joined the Money Class Joe Nocera 1995 www.valuewalk.com
The Money Masters John Train 1994 www.valuewalk.com
Paths to Wealth Through Common Stocks Philip Fisher 1960 www.valuewalk.com
Science of Hitting Ted Williams & John Underwood 1986 www.valuewalk.com
Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company Andrew S. Grove 1999 www.valuewalk.com
The Expanded Quotable Einstein Albert Einstein 2000 www.valuewalk.com
The Farmer from Merna: A Biography of George J. Mecherle and a History of the State Farm Insurance Companies of Bloomington, Illinois Karl Schriftgeisser 1996 www.valuewalk.com
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings Philip A. Fisher 1957 www.valuewalk.com
The Warren Buffett CEO: Secrets from the Berkshire Hathaway Managers Robert P. Miles 2002 www.valuewalk.com
Personal History Katharine Graham 1998 www.valuewalk.com
Bull!: A History of the Boom and Bust Maggie Mahar 2004 www.valuewalk.com
The Smartest Guys in the Room Bethany McLean & Peter Elkind 2004 www.valuewalk.com
In an Uncertain World: Tough Choices from Wall Street to Washington Robert Rubin & Jacob Weisberg 2004 www.valuewalk.com
Sam Walton: Made In America Sam Walton 1993 www.valuewalk.com
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson 2003 www.valuewalk.com
F.I.A.S.C.O.: Blood in the Water on Wall Street Frank Partnoy 1997 www.valuewalk.com
Travels with Barley: A Journey Through Beer Culture in America Ken Wells 2004 www.valuewalk.com
Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger, 3rd Edition Peter Bevelin 2004 www.valuewalk.com
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert B. Cialdini 2006 www.valuewalk.com
Supermoney Adam Smith www.valuewalk.com
The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream (Vintage) Barack Obama 2008 www.valuewalk.com
Warren Buffett: An Illustrated Biography of the World's Most Successful Investor Ayano Morio 2011 www.valuewalk.com
Foods You Will Enjoy - The Story of Buffett's Store Bill Buffett 2008 www.valuewalk.com
Pleased But Not Satisfied David Sokol 2007 www.valuewalk.com
Benjamin Graham on Value Investing: Lessons from the Dean of Wall Street Janet Lowe 1996 www.valuewalk.com
Do Business with People You Can Trust: Balancing Profits and Principles - Fifth Anniversary Edition L. J. Rittenhouse 2007 www.valuewalk.com
John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years Paul Volcker 2000 www.valuewalk.com
Common Sense on Mutual Funds: Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition John C. Bogle 2009 www.valuewalk.com
The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People James O'Loughlin 2004 www.valuewalk.com
Will America Grow up Before it Grows Old: How the Coming Social Security Crisis Threatens You, Your Family, and Your Country Peter G. Peterson 1996 www.valuewalk.com
Father, Son & Co.: My Life at IBM and Beyond Thomas J. Watson & Peter Petre 2000 www.valuewalk.com
Memos from the Chairman Alan C. Greenberg 1996 www.valuewalk.com
Jack Welch Speaks: Wisdom from the World's Greatest Business Leader Janet Lowe www.valuewalk.com
Quality Financial Reporting
Paul B. W. Miller & Paul R. Bahnson
Epidemic of Care: A Call for Safer, Better, and More Accountable Health Care George C. Halvorson & George J. Isham MD 2003 www.valuewalk.com
Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About It Peter G. Peterson 2005 www.valuewalk.com
The Man Behind the Microchip: Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley Leslie Berlin 2005 www.valuewalk.com
Speculative Contagion: An Antidote for Speculative Epidemics Frank K. Martin 2006 www.valuewalk.com


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