Tech Tipsters At War Over Snapdragon 836 And Google Pixel 2

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A Twitter tipster known for being quite accurate with his leaks about highly-anticipated gadgets is sticking by what he said about the processor that will be in the Google Pixel 2. We heard yesterday that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 system-on-a-chip actually doesn’t exist and never will, despite the widespread rumors that the chip will not only be in the Google Pixel 2 but also a host of other upcoming flagship smartphones.

Evan Blass still expects the Snapdragon 836 in the Google Pixel 2

XDA-Developers initially broke the story about the Snapdragon 836, saying that its sources claim that Qualcomm isn’t working on a chip by that name and has no plans to do so. A while later, Android Police reported that it was able to verify what XDA said with one of its own sources.

Both tech blogs are known as being pretty accurate when it comes to leaks, but then so does Evan Blass, the tipster better known by his Twitter handle @evleaks. After seeing all the reports about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836, he tweeted that his sources aren’t saying anything different about it:

Many people in the tech world were very disappointed when they read that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 doesn’t exist and never will because they were looking forward to the Google Pixel 2 getting a performance boost over current flagship smartphones on the market. If the Snapdragon 836 doesn’t exist, then it’s generally believed that the Pixel 2 lineup will get the 835 instead.

Despite the uproar, 9to5Google argued that if the Google Pixel 2 does get the Snapdragon 835, it isn’t a big deal because the 835 has been performing quite well in all the other flagships it’s in with very few problems.

With no Snapdragon 836, what should we expects in the Google Pixel 2?

9to5Google released some new leaks about the Google Pixel 2 today, possibly to appease the masses upset about the Snapdragon 836. Understandably, the website steered clear of the processor topic entirely.

Apparently, a source passed on some photos of the smaller of the two expected Pixel 2 handsets and a few new tidbits of information. The photos show a slate gray device and black device, and for the first time, they show two black dots under the camera’s flash. It’s presumed that these dots are the send and receive sensors for the camera’s laser detect autofocus, a rumored feature.

9to5Google also says that there will be 64GB and 128GB variants and speculated that 64GB could be the new base model. The website also said that the photos show a device that’s very similar to the first Pixel, meaning that it will have the same bigger bezels and a 4.97-inch display. Further, its sources say that the Pixel 2 lineup will bear an IP68 water and dust resistant rating, and another source apparently said that the ambient display will have an always-on option.

9to5Google also learned that accessory manufacturers have a PR embargo for their products until Oct. 5, the date the Google Pixel 2 phones are expected to be revealed.

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