Van Simmons, “The Rare Coin Market Can Go Up Dramatically, Quickly”

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Guest: Van Simmons. As a consummate collector and dedicated numismatist, Van has earned his place in the rare coin pantheon as the leading coin merchant of his time. He specializes in portfolio construction, set building and helping clients acquire the world’s finest rare coins. As a partner and President of David Hall Rare Coins, he is held in highest regard by his clientele, many of whom have been with him for over 30 years. He is respected by his peers for both his knowledge and reputation for integrity..

Van Simmons

Date Recorded: 4/12/17

Run-Time: 1:13:10

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Summary: In Episode 48, we break new ground for The Meb Faber Show. Departing from our usual world of stocks and bonds, we welcome expert numismatist, Van Simmons. For anyone unfamiliar with the word, a “numismatist” is a rare coin collector.

We start where we usually do – with a bit of background on our guest. Van gives us a quick overview on how he got into his line of work. But it’s not long before the guys jump into the world of rare coins, with Meb asking Van to provide a general, contextual overview.

Van Simmons’ description of the world steers the conversation toward perhaps one of Van’s biggest contributions to the coin collecting community – the creation of an innovative coin grading standard. Meb believes this grading standard was huge, as “not getting screwed” is such a concern for all sorts of investors.

Next, the guys cover a few, quick questions – how has coin space evolved over the years… what were the biggest seismic changes… and which demographic Van sees as the most active in this space. But they dig deeper when the conversation turns toward international demand – specifically from China.

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