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Vaccine Mandate: How Your Vaccine Status Can Affect Your Job Hunt

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As President Biden’s statewide vaccine mandate is being challenged in court, one of the biggest trends of recruitment going into 2022 will be how your COVID vaccination status affects your job hunting, according to experts at Lensa.

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At the moment, job listings with vaccine mandates only represent a small percentage, but by this time next year, they’ll almost certainly make up the majority of postings, particularly if Biden’s mandates for large private companies and government workers pass through court.

The Impact Of Vaccine Mandate

Bradford Goodwin, Chief Content Strategist at Lensa says:

“Currently, Gallup’s tracker finds that 36% of U.S. workers say their employer requires them to be vaccinated, but one in five remains unvaccinated. For those who have not been immunized by a regulated vaccine, there are three options - decide to get vaccinated, secure an exemption or find a work arrangement that doesn’t require you to be vaccinated, such as working fully remotely. That could be why we’re seeing an increase in people searching for remote jobs on Lensa, but overall the number of unvaccinated workers remains quite low.”

“To advertise your vaccination status on your LinkedIn or resume is a topic that we will see more of in the coming year. Some will argue that it creates bias, but to not state your vaccination status upfront for certain roles, such as healthcare, can also be problematic.”

“For those states with vaccination laws, they recognize employees with the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. For some LinkedIn users who have just been putting ‘immunized’ on their profile, this is not clear enough - for example, in the case of Aaron Rodgers, who claimed to meet the NFL standards for vaccination but had actually used a homeopathic treatment. For that reason, unless you’re willing to state specifically what vaccine you had and how many doses, we’d recommend avoiding advertising it on your LinkedIn profile and instead be prepared to disclose it at the interview stage.”

“Ultimately, the fate of President Biden’s vaccine mandate, which is currently being challenged in court, will determine whether more employers will require their employees to be vaccinated. If the bill does pass, employers will begin to favor candidates who already meet their requirements, rather than having to wait for them to comply, or submit an exemption. If you’re job seeking, the best thing you can do is be prepared to show your vaccination status, or get your shot if you haven’t already - for the best chance at success.”