Getting A New Phone For Christmas? Lock In Prices Now To Get Up To $75 More For Your Used Phone

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Millions of people will be getting new smartphones for Christmas, which means millions of people will also be selling their old phones after the holidays. If you think you’re getting a new phone for Christmas (whether it’s a certainty or simply wishful thinking), you can use this tip shared by phone buyback comparison website to get up to $75 more for your used phone when you sell it after Christmas.

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Earn more post-Christmas cash with price locks

Smartphone values drop whenever a surge of old phones floods the market. This happens when new flagships are released (such as the iPhone X and Galaxy S8) and after the holidays: since millions of people are selling their old phones, there is an inflated supply at a time of little demand, so values for used phones can drop anywhere between 5 and 40 percent after Christmas.

For major flagships, the difference can be significant: as much as $75 or more. says you can maximize your payout by taking advantage of price locks. Price locks let you set a sale price now, but keep your current phone until after you’ve received a new phone for Christmas. Price locks are good for up to 30 days, which makes right now a great time to lock in your price – before values decline.

Price locks do not mean you’re obligated to sell your old phone. All they do is guarantee you a higher price if you do decide to sell it later. So, if you’re expecting (or hoping) to receive a new phone for Christmas, it can literally pay to lock in your price today.

It only takes a few minutes to set a price lock with an online buyback store. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit and compare current cash buyback offers for your phone
  2. Flipsy will show you which companies offer price locks, and for how long
  3. Choose the best offer, then follow the link to fill out an online form and set your price lock

If you get a new phone for Christmas and decide to sell your old phone, simply follow the instructions provided when you created your price lock to cash in at that price – no matter how much values have dropped in the interim.

Price locks on used phone mean free money

The best part about price locks is they cost nothing to set up, so it’s essentially free money for planning ahead – and $75 will go a long way toward outfitting your new phone with a cool case, screen protector, and a few of your favorite apps.

Remember: the time to act is now. The sooner you set your price locks, the more money you’ll get for your old phone after Christmas. See how much you can get for your used phone and lock in your post-holiday price by visiting today.

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