How To Use Google Search To Set A Timer

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Google search is useful in variety of ways. For example, did you know that you can do currency conversion, find out the meaning of any word, or even set a timer? Well, you can do even more tasks using a simple Google search.

Setting a timer on Google search

The ability to set a timer has been around for a long time, but then the feature disappeared from Google search. Fast forward to today, and now you can again set a timer via Google search. Reddit user Blemish has pointed out how you can keep a track of time using Google.

To set a timer, you only need to use the word “timer” and an amount of time in your search query. For example; “timer 15 minutes”. This will set a timer of 15 minutes. Once the timer has started, you can see the progress bar, stop, reset, full screen, and audio buttons. The full screen button is particularly useful when you’re away from your PC, and you want to see the remaining time in big fonts. This option will use the full screen feature of your browser.

You’ll of course need to leave the web page open in order for the timer to work. When the timer runs out, you’ll be able to hear an alarm. If you don’t want any audio alert, then simply click on the speaker icon to disable it.

Overall this is a pretty useful way to set a timer, without installing any special software for this task. Go ahead and try it out!

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