U.S. Universities That Have Produced Self-Made Female Billionaires

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A new study from Money has analyzed the world’s Richest Self-Made Female Billionaires to uncover which college has produced the world’s wealthiest women.

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The research reveals the following:

  • Universities that have educated the most self-made female billionaires
  • Which countries’ universities feature the most on the list

American universities have produced self-made female billionaires

Self-Made Female Billionaires

  • Four universities in the USA (University of Pennsylvania), University of Nevada, Oklahoma State University, and Harvard Business School) top the list. Such institutions have educated multiple self-made female billionaires.
  • Out of all institutions in the American list, less than one-fifth (18%) are considered to hold Ivy League status (the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Princeton, and Havard and Harvard Business School).
  • Ivy League institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School, feature luminaries who have successfully built up Tech-based companies, such as the former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.
  • Stanford University and Florida state feature on the list, thanks to American women who have successfully built up clothing retail empires. These include Stanford alumni, Doris Fisher, who co-founded the global brand, GAP, and Spanx founder, Sara Blakely, who studied at Florida State University.
  • Other notable universities include Tennessee State University, where American entrepreneurs on the league include talk show host and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey studied. Additionally, Oregon State University, where the co-founder of restaurant chain Panda Express attended.

Those who made their fortunes without higher education

  • Diane Hendricks has the largest net worth out of all Americans on the list ($8.2 billion). However, the owner of Hendricks Holding Company and ABC Supply built her fortunes without attending university.
  • The analysis from Money, reveals that a third of women on the list (32%) did not attend university. These include American Entrepreneur,  Lynda Resnick, co-founder of The Wonderful Company as well as a reality star and young businesswoman, Kylie Jenner.

Universities that have educated the most female billionaires

Self-Made Female Billionaires

  • The institutions that have produced the most self-made billionaire’s are Zhejiang University (Chen Xioaying, Chen Ailian, Wu Yan) and Tsinghua University (Chen Ailian, Zhang Xiaojuan, Wang Laichun).
  • Overall ten institutions have produced two self-made female billionaires each. Further to this, the other 66 universities on the list have educated one each.
  • Furthermore, 32 self-made female billionaires did not attend university. Examples include Giuliana Benetton, who co-founded the eponymous clothing company, Benetton Group with her siblings, and Diane Hendricks co-founder of American building supply company, ABC Supply.