Twitter Testing A Timeline-Like Layout For Moments

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Twitter intends to change the layout for its Moments and is testing a new one currently. The new layout showcases related tweets in a timeline-like format instead of its de facto flipbook-style. However, there is no guarantee that the layout will actually become available to the masses, as it is just a test for now.

Changing the way users interact with Moments

A company spokesperson told VentureBeat that a test is indeed taking place, but it is limited to a small group of people. It seems as if the test is limited to Twitter’s mobile app for now. The new layout changes the way users interact with the feature.

Twitter launched Moments in 2015, and it became part of the company’s efforts to market itself. Initially, it was limited to curated publishers such as Getty Images, BuzzFeed, Vogue, NASA, Entertainment Weekly, Major League Baseball and Vogue. Gradually it opened up to more celebrities and influencers until every user had access to it.

Individual Moments appeared in a gallery-like format, and users were required to swipe to read associated tweets. Some users, however, have noticed a change to the format. Now all the curated tweets appear in a chronological timeline. This is similar to how they appear on the main Twitter feed, notes VentureBeat.

When this new format will become more widely available and whether or not it will supplement the current layouts that exist within Moments or replace them can’t be said for now.

Is Twitter using its resources more effectively?

Recently, there were reports regarding Twitter’s decision to do away with the buy button. Twitter designed the button to allow users to make purchases from a tweet. Very few people used the button, so Twitter’s decision to pull it from the interface is not shocking at all.

USA Today reported that the company will give more priority to other commerce products instead. Considering Twitter’s long list of issues, there will obviously be some who question if the company is making the best use of its resources by testing a new layout.

CEO Jack Dorsey highlighted several things that he would consider fixing this year, and updating the way Moments appears wasn’t exactly on the list, notes VentureBeat. Instead, users had requested two features the most: eliminating harassment and enabling tweet editing.

On Thursday, Twitter shares closed down 1.87% at $16.79. Year to date, the stock is up more than 3% ,while in the last year, it is down more than 6%.

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