Twitter Rolls Out The “Tweets Download Option”

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Twitter’s new download option is now fully operational—for some users at least. The social media site tested the feature last week, and the option to download Tweets to all users is now becoming available to more and more accounts as Twitter rolls it out to all users gradually.

Twitter Rolls Out The "Tweets Download Option"

The feature allows Twitter users to go all the way back through the archives of their tweets and download them. This enables users to see their earliest tweets sent through the social media network. Those who are interested in using the feature can access it through their profile settings. If the feature is now enabled, all it takes is a click of the “Request your archive” button there.

The download feature enables Twitter users to see what they tweeted about and when. After the full tweet log has been downloaded, it’s even possible to search by week, month, word, hashtags, or usernames.

The social network is starting with accounts with English as the first language. Over weeks and months it will be rolled out to every Twitter account all over the globe. There’s no word yet just how quickly the feature will be rolled out, but it should be noted that even some of the major Twitter accounts like CNETNews Feed doesn’t yet have the feature enabled on them.

According to Twitter, engineers built the feature during one of its “Hack Weeks,” which it holds once per quarter. The Next Web reports that it started testing the feature over the weekend with just “a very small percentage of users.”

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