Twitter Gets A New Product Chief, CEO Seat Still Vacant

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Twitter is busy searching for a new CEO, but in the meantime, it has appointed a dedicated product chief whose sole task will be to think of ways to make the platform better for users. Jeff Seibert, who’s in charge of the company’s platform for app developers, has been promoted to take charge of the consumer-facing side of Twitter, says a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Some relief for Weil

Twitter has tried many product heads in recent years. Prior to his promotion, Seibert headed Twitter’s developer platform called Fabric, which was launched last fall. Seibert co-founded Crashlytics, a mobile crash-reporting startup acquired by Twitter in 2013.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the news of Seibert’s promotion after it was first reported by the technology news site Re/code. With this move, Senior Vice President of Product Kevin Weil will be able to devote more time to big-picture strategic decisions without any hindrance from day-to-day work that used to keep him really busy. Weil has been performing dual responsibilities so far, being in charge of Twitter’s user experience and heading the moneymaking side of the company. Weil will be required to maintain a strategic oversight over all of Twitter’s consumer products.

Twitter still searching for CEO

Twitter has introduced new product features at a pretty fast pace under Weil, who has commendable quick execution skills, despite the fact that Twitter’s user growth has been quite slow. According to Jack Dorsey, interim Twitter CEO and co-founder, the reason for this is that the company has not been successful at conveying the product’s usage and advantages to users.

A board meeting is scheduled today. The top item on the agenda will most likely be the search for a new CEO. Twitter has been searching for a new CEO for the past three months, and through this entire period, several employees have left the micro-blogging firm. Dorsey, who is seen by many as the top contender for the CEO post, has tried to keep the senior product managers from leaving, says the report, citing sources familiar with the matter.

On Wednesday, Twitter shares closed up 2.89% at $$27.81. Year to date, the stock is down by over 22% while in the last year, shares are down by over 44%.

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