Twitter Inc Flashes “Fabric” To Woo Developers, Strengthen Mobile Base

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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is betting on its new mobile app development platform dubbed Fabric, which is  designed “to grow and scale with the app reflecting membership and revenue,” according to ZDNet. The new platform has been developed to help the company garner more revenue from mobile.

Twitter debuts new tool for developers

On Wednesday, CEO Dick Costolo hosted the company’s first mobile developer conference called Flight, promoting Twitter as a “very best way to keep up” and connect with the world. During the conference, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium was filled with more than 1,000 mobile app developers, and the ambiance was closer to a neon-lit nightclub rather than a cavernous conference hall. When entering, the guests were asked to “Drop” or tweet a song that would be played over the sound system.

The CEO of the micro-blogging site said that the SDK landscape is made up of “Self-interested” approaches with features meant for a specific platform or particular capability, whereas developers want cross-platform consistency. Costolo did not delay in launching Fabric, a new SDK and set of integrated services specifically designed to offer a direct connection between developers and app users.

“We power it. Then we get out of the way,” Costolo explained.

Big brands interested in Fabric

The micro-blogging site has already discussed and entered into deals with major media players to try out Fabric. Brands such as the Wall Street Journal and McDonalds, who are all excited about Apple Pay, are trying Fabric.

Twitter is promoting Fabric as a smooth way to include tweets into apps and then send them, which is quite a new thing in the Silicon Valley. For instance, McDonalds applied Fabric across all its mobile channels to keep track of its global identity platform for enhancing customer experience and marketing engagement.

For generating revenue, Twitter is depending on its 2013 acquisition of MoPub for handling relationship with direct advertisers and ad networks. According to Twitter, thousands of advertisers are placing bids with the help of MoPub with more than 170 billion ad requests in the past 30 days.

Another tool that the company rolled out for third-party developers was “Share Links” for recruiting beta users, “Groups” for gathering these testers together, and extending Crashlytics Labs support to Android.

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