Facebook’s And Twitter’s Suppression Of The NYP Article On Hunter Biden

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Did Facebook and Twitter Use Censorship on the New York Post article on Hunter Biden?

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Facebook’s And Twitter's Suppression Of The NYP Article On Hunter Biden

Here is Campbell’s perspective on Facebook’s and Twitter's suppression of the New York Post article on Hunter Biden:

“The discussion about the New York Post story is indicative of the pull and drag of an ancient conversation that has sought to draw a bright line between censorship and regulation.

“Was this censorship? A purposeful quelling of information? No. The Post was free to publish the story, and social media platforms are, as private businesses, free to decide whether to allow that story to be shared within the confines of their individual corporate reaches. What we are seeing here is social media seeking to take some responsibility for the content posted on their platforms. Twitter started doing this before Facebook, which as recently as September showed a reluctance to address false and defamatory statements about Sen. Kamala Harris, as Democratic vice presidential candidate posted freely on their site.

“Frankly, all of this would be moot if people vowed to vet all campaign information -- really, all information -- coming their way. Media literacy would mean that false information would not spread nearly so far, as you would have people acting in good faith to make sure the information they read/viewed/listened to and subsequently shared was correct. Until we have an engaged citizenry willing to take responsibility like that, we will keep having this discussion.

“This is precisely my lecture this coming Monday, COMM 3399, written long before the Post published this story. And I just want to thank the current presidential administration for supplying me with endless real-time examples of the topic. Pres. Donald J. Trump has made my lectures so much more interesting to the students.”

About Susan Campbell

University of New Haven Distinguished Lecturer Susan Campbell is a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author of multiple books. Her work has been recognized by the National Women’s Political Caucus, the New England Associated Press News Executives, the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and the Society for Professional Journalists, among numerous other organizations.