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How To Turn Off Auto Sound Of Videos On Facebook

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A pet hate of many internet users is being forced to listen to audio when it hasn’t been asked for. However, many sites continue to do this, hoping to catch the attention of those (the minority) who don’t mind. Where social media is concerned, the giant Facebook has previously enabled users to select a video to hear its audio. Unfortunately, that approach by is about to change. Meaning, sometime soon you will be scrolling through your feed being forced to listen!

Facebook video audio off
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Switch Off Facebook Audio

Now if you don’t want your news feed, or friends video’s to drown out your Facebook experience, there is something you can do. Following the tutorial below will teach you how to prevent unwanted interruptions. Now, this tutorial will focus on instructions for iPhone and PC owners. So please be aware that for Android users the instructions may be different.

How to Turn Off Facebook Auto Sound for iPhone

Before we start, please make sure the app has been updated to the very latest version available on the App Store.

1. Go to your home screen and launch the application.

Facebook settings audio off

2. Next, go to the three lined menu button in the bottom right-hand corner of your display. Once found tap it, and then scroll down until you find settings and then tap it.

Facebook app audio settings

3. In the following window look for account settings and tap it. Moving on, you should now find and select sounds.

facebook in app sounds off

4. Now you need to switch the highlighted green switch next to in app sounds. When this is completed the green will be replaced by gray. Now there is the chance that you may see “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound”, if you do, switch that to off!

And that’s it; you now know how to turn off audio for Facebook videos.

How to Turn Off Facebook Auto Sound for PC

Now, it is possible that Facebook has not rolled this out in your country yet. Unfortunately, if that is the case, you must be patient.

facebook video audio settings

1. Log on to your account in a browser on your PC. Followed by going to the top-right corner of the screen and clicking on the downward pointing arrow.

facebook pc settings

2. You will now see a dropdown, look down it until you find settings and tap it.

3. In the following window you must select videos and then off. However, depending on whether Facebook has rolled out the update to you. There’s a chance you will see auto play videos or Videos in News Feed Start with Sound option. Using the dropdown to the right and selecting off will work for either option.

And there you have it; you will now not be interrupted by Facebook video sounds when scrolling through your feed!

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