Turkey, Russia Blames West Over Deeping Refugee Crisis

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The Presidents of Turkey and Russia are blaming the West for the deepening refugee crisis in Europe, which is considered one of the largest mass migrations of people in the modern times.

During an interview with CNN, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey honestly blamed the “whole Western world” on the migrant crisis in the region.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters that the wrong foreign policy of the West in the Middle East and North Africa was the root of the migrant crisis.

Men and women along with their little children are desperate and force to take dangerous and deadly journeys by land or sea to escape their war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq.

The refugees face a patchwork of different policies when they reach Europe. Currently, the European Union is divided when it comes to addressing the migrant crisis, which prompted nations to develop a unified policy to resolve the issue.

The Foreign Ministers of the EU are expected to discuss the mass migrant crisis during an informal gathering in Luxembourg on Friday. They are also expected to conduct an emergency meeting in Brussels on September 14.

Turkey accused Europe of turning the Mediterranean into a cemetery

When asked about his reaction to the photo of the dead two-year-old boy, Aylan Kurdi, who was lying face down in the surf of a beach in Turkey, Erdogan said, he and his family were “devastated” when they saw the picture, which shocked the world.

The little boy died along with his older brother, mother. They along with several thousands of migrants and refugees were trying to find safety in Europe.

According to him, “We asked the question to ourselves: Where is humanity? Where is the conscience of humanity? It is not the first time this is happening. Many children, mothers and fathers were unfortunately drowned in the rough waters of the Mediterranean. Our Coard alone, save more than 50,000 people since the beginning of this year.” He added that the picture made his family cry.

Erdogan maintained his accusation against Europe that it was turning the Mediterranean into a cemetery. He told CNN, “That’s the reality on the ground. Because the countries bordering the Mediterranean — they do not want these people no matter what the cost.”

He emphasized that Turkey welcome the refugees. He added that European countries including France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Spain could easily do the same.

Erdogan said the EU needs to”conduct a joint operation and give these people an opportunity to save themselves.” He added that Turkey does not want to see other people experience the fate suffered by the two-year-old boy in the picture.

“This picture you were showing, we do not want to see similar cases,” said Erdogan.

Putin says Europe is blindly following the U.S.

On the other hand, Putin said he warned the West regarding the potential consequences of its policy on Africa and the Middle East several years ago.

Putin explained to the Russian news agency TASS that the policy was about the implementation of Western standards without considerings the historic, religious, national and cultural specifics of Africa and the Middle East.

“This is, first of all, the policy of our American partners.I am looking with surprise at certain American mass media now criticizing Europe for an excessively tough, as they believe, treatment of migrants, said Putin.

The Russian President added that Europe is great suffering because it is “blindly following U.S. instructions.”

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