Why Donald Trump Could Win US Election?

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As we’re about to see if Donald Trump wins the US Presidential election, let’s talk about his chances.

Although the Republican candidate has been considered the underdog of this election, political analysts could be wrong. There are several indications why America is actually ready to have a President like Trump.

Today’s US is rebellious

Thousands of US people go out in the streets in order to protest every now and then. And sometimes those protests turn violent. But does the US government actually listen to those protesters? Nope.

That’s why today’s US is feeling rebellious. Today’s America is tired of hearing fruitless promises and gallantly-written speeches. Today’s America wants to finally have a political system that would serve THEM.

Americans view Democrat Hillary Clinton as one of those typical US politicians that can’t change a thing in this country. She has been part of the political system for decades now. She is broken, just like the entire political system.

Trump, meanwhile, is a new guy. He is a fresh face (in terms of politics) and he sure seems rebellious, just like millions of Americans today. So if Trump wins, Americans believe he would make the broken political system serve the people.

Trump wins anarchist sentiment in America

And then there is this feeling when you’re all by yourself in that voting booth. And you have the biggest power in your hands – because every vote counts…

Millions of people in the US fancy themselves as closeted anarchists. Why comply with the law that has slapped you right in the face face numerous times?

Millions of Americans have developed strong anger toward the broken political system. So if Trump wins, it would satisfy the closeted anarchist sentiment that runs deep in the country.

Most of Trump voters are voting for him not because they agree with what he’s promising, but because they fancy his ego. They love that he says whatever’s on his mind and gets away with it.

Let’s vote for Trump and see what happens

There’s also the ‘Let’s vote for Trump and see what happens’ factor. It’s like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and for a moment thinking ‘What it’s like to actually jump off that thing?’

There is a pretty big percentage of American people who feel the same way about 2016 US election. ‘What it would be like if Trump wins?’ It’s like they are considering whether they should buy a ticket to some big show.

But America’s fate is no show. People have been hearing it all: Trump would start World War 3, he would bring the collapse of America, he is a fascist racist human being… It all sits in people’s heads.

So some of them are just CURIOUS: would Trump actually do all those things or is the media once again fooling us?

Americans are tired of feminism

It’s no secret that the majority of women support Clinton, while men are voting in favor of Trump.

In a country that had been man-dominated for centuries, American men are getting pretty tired of the current feminism trend. American men want their domination back.

Think about it: at this year’s Super Bowl, which is the manliest of the most manliest games, Beyoncé rushed on the field with an army of Black Women and announced that male domination in this country was over.

Millions of men (as well as women) in the US are not ready for a female-dominated country yet. Electing Clinton as new President would mean that Americans agree living in a female-dominated country.

Clinton would be the first-ever female president of the United States. So are American people prepared to take that leap forward in 2016? Hardly so.

It’s also fair to say that Trump voters are on average richer than Clinton voters. That’s logical, just think about it. The majority of Trump’s supporters are white men.

Now let’s look at the statistics. American men are paid at least 23% more on average than women. And it also adds to the fact that white workers tend to have higher salaries than their African-American or Latino counterparts.

US white males are feeling threatened

American white males are under the illusion that their safety is under attack today. A woman would take over the country and dictate her rules.

If Trump wins, it’ll be a sure win of the male-dominated rule for years to come. American men feel threatened that their domination is about to end.

It all started with 37th US President Richard Nixon, who imposed Title IX on America. Title IX ruled that girls in schools should get an equal chance at playing sports. That’s when everything started.

And now we see Beyoncé storming the Super Bowl and declaring that male domination is over. So electing Trump as new President is American men’s last chance to not let the country become feminist-driven.

American men that don’t agree with the LGBT movement and feminism are certainly not excited about Clinton becoming the new President. Their thinking is: now we elect Clinton. Then we elect gay men. And it won’t be long until the White House will be comprised of women, gay men and transgeders!

Clinton is the reason people support Trump

If it wasn’t Clinton who would win the Democratic nomination, we would most likely see the Democrats having more chances of defeating Trump in 2016.

But Americans have way too many problems with Clinton. In fact, nearly 70% of all Americans think Hillary is dishonest and shouldn’t be trusted. And yet some of those 70 percent are still voting for her just so Trump won’t get the keys to the White House.

It’s also the opposite, just because people hate Clinton, they are voting for Trump. We’re witnessing a very ridiculous presidential election this year. The winner will be elected not because people who voted for him want him/her to be the President, but because they hate the other candidate even more.

Clinton is an opportunist and a dishonest person – and American people see her through. Here’s an example for you. Clinton was once a strong opponent of gay marriage, and then all of a sudden she, fists raised, declares that America needs gay marriage.

So if Trump wins, people would be more satisfied – because they wouldn’t be voting for a person that they beforehand know is dishonest and untrustworthy. Trump is a dark horse. People have no idea what he is capable of and what is truly on his mind.

So what is Trump really like? We’ll answer that question if he’s handed the keys to the White House in a few hours from now. Stay tuned with ValueWalk. The good stuff begins at 7pm EST.

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