Top Startups – Analysis of Global Entrepreneurial Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

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There’s no question, we’re in the golden age of startups. Around the world, ramen-fueled entrepreneurs have taken big (and small) ideas and turned them into household names by harnessing technology that makes it easier for us to communicate, collaborate, and find complete strangers to rent our spare bedrooms!

In order to understand trends in the types of business people are successfully starting and growing, we analyzed the top 200 startups globally, as ranked by Startup Ranking.

Room-sharing and ride-sharing behemoths Airbnb and Uber topped the list at No. 1 and 2, respectively. Publishing platform Medium, social media management platform Hootsuite and GIF database Giphy also made the top ten.

Along with ranking the top 200 startups around the world, we took things a step further and segmented the startups into 19 categories based on what they allow end users to accomplish. These categories include transport, search, buying, selling, finding, meeting, delivering, organizing, and publishing, among others.

According to our data, users are eager to find things. Startups that focus on helping people find content, places to go, things to do, rooms to rent, work and information are the most popular on our list. Startups falling under the buying and organizing categories ranked No. 2 and 3. Surprisingly, buying-related startups were most popular in Indonesia with 61 percent of the country’s top startups on our list offering some type of commerce platform.

Americans are eager to find things, too. The United States is home to 72 of the top 200 startups in the world and 17 percent of them are dedicated to helping people find information. Startups in the organizing category were the second most popular in the U.S.

In terms of the number of top startups, India and Canada fall second and third in the rankings, but they definitely have some catching up to do. India is home to 13 out of the top 200 startups in the world, while Canada is only home to 10.

For more data and information on the top 200 startups in the world, check out the full graphic.

Top Startups - Analysis of Global Entrepreneurial Trends

Infographic Source: Kempler Industries

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