Top schools for aspiring beauticians: Milan Institute and more

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Cosmetology is more in vogue now than it ever has been. With the rise of countless social media influencers, online makeup artists, and celebrity stylists, it’s never been a better time to consider a career switch. While it’s possible to go it alone and aim for the self-taught route, it’s usually much easier when you have a solid education backing you. If you’re an aspiring beautician that’s looking to get their start in the world of cosmetology, a trade school might be the perfect choice for you.

Why trade schools?

Naturally, there are some key differences between a more “standard” liberal arts education and the trade school path. This is primarily visible in the curriculum. Whereas four-year liberal arts universities often aim for breadth over depth (except in the case of a student’s chosen major), trade schools allow students to hone in on their precise interests and immerse themselves in shaping their career journey. For many trades, this is a plus: A student is entering the workforce with prior hands-on experience that they gained during their studies. In a liberal arts setting, this is more difficult as students often have to pursue internships or unpaid work in their chosen field to bolster their résumés.

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Milan Institute of Cosmetology

The Milan Institute of Cosmetology is one of the top choices for up-and-coming beauticians, and it’s easy to see why. They have a high pedigree and attract top talent. Plus, they have locations across both California and Texas to suit a wide variety of students. Though these are all exciting reasons to consider the institute, perhaps the biggest draw is the accommodations that they offer to both prospective and current students.

One look at their website provides a glimpse into how dedicated they are to student success. Not only do they offer an array of cosmetology classes but they also have other specialties that students can pursue, including administrative roles, nursing careers, and even studies in computer technology. Their goal is to provide comprehensive and varied beautician training and access to other career paths in a trade school setting. As opposed to a traditional liberal arts education, the Milan Institute aims to get students into the workforce by zeroing in on their specific industry and interests. It’s also more affordable than a four-year degree. If prospective students are unsure about enrolling at the institute, they even offer a useful career training quiz on their homepage.

Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is an excellent choice for prospective beauticians. They have a fairly high pedigree for their hairstylist programs and they are also well-known for cosmetology. For students entering the school, they aim to make their programs even more affordable because they have given out over $1 million in scholarships and award money. And for those exiting, they’re renowned for helping their students and alumni find the right opportunities with their job search website that operates in tandem with the school.

A state-specific program

Interested in pursuing a future as a beautician but unable to travel to states like Texas and California? No worries! There are plenty of programs that operate on a state-by-state basis. In fact, many community and technical colleges are still thriving and some even offer some stiff competition to their nationally recognized competitors. The best way to find a program is to look at a state-by-state directory or get a referral from a stylist, hairdresser, or someone else in the beauty industry.

If you’re ready for a career as a beautician, it all starts with some research. Find the right program for you and make sure that your chosen school has a solid pedigree. Then, all that’s left to do is to enroll.

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