Top Business Trends For 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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For many people this time of the year is for resting and scaling back your work load until the new year. For smart people this is the time of year when you start to strategize for the coming year to get a jump on the competition. There are several top business trends that are going to dominate 2018, and it’s time to start thinking about how your business will implement them.

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The trends to watch for in 2018 include:

  • AI in Customer Service - instead of replacing humans when it comes to interaction, companies are using AI to streamline the process of getting the customer to the person who is going to solve their problem
  • Social Media Leads To Human Interactions - Social media will no longer be seen as a replacement to in-person interactions but instead a supplement to them
  • Millennials Take Over - Millennials are starting to take leadership roles in the business world
  • Wages Will Rise But That’s Not All - Talented employees are also looking for flexibility and autonomy in their new positions
  • Remote Learning Is Out - Face to face interactions are going to be seen as more valuable when it comes to learning new things
  • Live Streaming Takes Over - Livestreaming is beating out podcasting because it happens in real time, and that makes it seem more personal
  • Companies Become More Community Oriented - Social responsibility is what is going to bring in the customers this year. They want to know that you care about the community you serve, not just the dollars you bring in
  • Solve Problems, Don’t Just Create Them - Customers are going to respond better to marketing that solves a problem rather than creates one
  • Get Your Advice From A Subject Matter Expert - Instead of disrupting for the sake of disrupting, really get to know the space you are disrupting so you can do so in a meaningful way
  • Blockchain Changes Everything - Building decentralized infrastructure will lead to better security and a new way of doing things

Are any of these top business trends on your agenda for the new year? Now is the time to start thinking and strategizing about how you will move your business forward in 2018. Even if you can only implement one or two of these trends into your business plan it can make a huge difference in your business. Learn more about the top business trends of the new year from this infographic!

Top Business Trends For 2018

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