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Las Vegas is the ultimate paradise for those who love to gamble, or for those who just want to soak in the atmosphere and have the best time of their lives. The ‘Las Vegas Strip’ is renowned for having the largest concentration of casinos, hotels, and resorts than any other city on earth. Also famous for its nightlife, glittering lights, all-you-can-eat buffets, and impressive replicas of some of the most famous monuments of the world, Las Vegas offers something for everyone, making it a fantastic holiday destination.

Although Las Vegas takes the crown for attracting the greatest number of gamblers and visitors in any given year, other cities such as Macau, Monte Carlo, London, Atlantic City, and San Jose are also popular in the industry. Nevertheless, the primary threat to Las Vegas gambling establishments come in the form of online casinos, as there are several top casino sites in the UK that offer a convenient alternative for gamblers to gamble on the move or access the tables from the comfort of their homes.


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Online casinos have certainly played their part in shaping the gambling industry, and the way by which we perceive real money casinos of the future. Several reputed brick and mortar casinos have wasted no time in foraying into the online gambling industry, as they just can’t ignore the relevance of online gaming in the mobile era. Website are at the forefront of recommending online gambling, by reviewing the top UK casinos that provide real money gambling opportunities through a web-based platform. Therefore, in an increasingly connected world, online casino websites are undoubtedly a lucrative opportunity for companies and web-based gambling houses.

Despite the arrival of web-based casinos in the gambling market, Las Vegas is still the king for real money casino gaming. There are many resorts and casinos that cater to the millions of visitors that visit the desert, but here are the top 10 casinos that make Las Vegas the most popular gambling strip in the entire planet.

MGM Group of Resorts & Casinos

MGM’s properties consistently feature at the top of the Casino ratings worldwide, which is a statement of the group’s dedication towards offering the best in entertainment. MGM owns and operates more than 12 casinos in and around the strip, making it the largest casino operator in the state. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that five out of the ten casinos that we recommend are wholly owned by the MGM brand. Here is the list of top MGM casinos, in no particular rank or order:

  1. Bellagio

The Bellagio’s water fountain is a major attraction on the Strip, but the casino is better known for its rich Italian heritage, luxury accommodations, and a great poker room that has more than 40 tables dealing in limit and no-limit poker. At launch, Bellagio was the world’s most expensive casino, reportedly costing around $1.6 billion to build in 1998. Regardless, the hotel does justice to Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy, which was the main source of inspiration behind the overall design and theme of the casino.

  1. ARIA

ARIA has the largest number of slots in the city, with the casino offering several high-limit slots that are a unique feature of the ARIA brand. A betting threshold of up to $5000 per spin is usually never heard of in other casinos, but that is precisely what one can find at the ARIA slots floor. Of course, there are also conventional games on offer, but if you are looking for the best slots in the city, ARIA is the place to be.

  1. MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is more oriented towards the leisure traveler, where there is also the option to gamble. The Luxurious resort is a great place to wind down, without focusing much on the gambling aspect of Las Vegas. There is a wide array of games, events, and other activities to keep the guests occupied, which in turn allow players to indulge in their favorite activities without spending a dime on the tables.

  1. Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay’s extravagant water features are an absolute wonder in the middle of the desert. The resort is home to a shark reef aquarium, a wave pool, heated pools, swimming pools for children, a waterfall, and a Lazy River Water ride. The entire collection of water features is housed in what is known as the Mandalay Beach, which covers a whopping 4.5 hectares. If you are looking for a water-themed casino, Mandalay Bay is your best choice.

  1. New York – New York

The New York-themed casino represents the essence of the New York City, with its Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the general skyline of the most active city in the world. A prominent feature of the casino is its roller coaster ride, which takes visitors through the different parts of the casino for an exhilarating ride. The Hotel also houses a massive gaming floor, which is filled with all the conventional games that you would expect from a full-fledged casino.

Other Casino Resorts, Hotels, & Spas in Las Vegas

Apart from MGM, there are other companies that have excellent properties in and around the Strip, which provide the ultimate casino experience for both visitors and gamblers alike. Most importantly, these casinos strive to offer a unique experience that differs from other casinos in the city, thereby ensuring that their customers have access to excellent games, a great ambience, and a wonderful environment to have a great time. Here are some of the top independent casinos in the Strip, once again in no particular rank or order:

  1. Wynn

Wynn is one of the most top-rated casinos in the city, owing to its customer-centric attitude, luxurious décor, and several high ratings from independent agencies. Wynn is an excellent choice for having fun in Las Vegas, and you can try your luck in its huge gaming floor.

  1. Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace uses Roman architecture to depict the luxurious lifestyle of kings. It is indeed one of the most luxurious hotels on the Strip, but it is more famous for its sportsbook. Caesar’s Palace is the by far the largest sports betting center for almost all major sporting events, with punters getting first-row seats to the action via the most advanced technologies and live betting lines.

  1. The Stratosphere

No other casino in Las Vegas can beat the views offered by the Stratosphere, the tallest casino on the Strip. With a revolving restaurant, roof-top adventure activities, and an excellent casino floor, Stratosphere is indeed a great place to have fun.

  1. Red Rock

If you are looking for some peace and quiet away from the glitz and glamor of the Strip, Red Rock offers a great place to relax and gamble, without losing the charm of the Sin City. Red Rock is the most expensive hotel to be built off the strip and enjoys wide open spaces to give visitors a chance to interact with the desert, without leaving the comfort of the hotel.

  1. The Venetian & the Palazzo

The two casinos are based in different locations but are owned by the same company, Las Vegas Sands. Regardless, they have the best reviews among visitors and gamblers and is crowned as the world’s second-largest hotel in terms of the number of rooms, suites, and the size of the gaming floor.

All casinos in the Sin City offer several variations of the traditional casino games, along with modern iterations and new inventions to provide different choices to gamblers. However, if you are more interested in online gambling operators, offers some amazing options to find a real money casino website in the UK.

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