The Top 10 Car Recalls Of All Time – Volkswagen Not #1 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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There’s no doubt that motoring manufacturers can get it wrong on occasion. While many of the major companies try everything they can to put it off for as long as possible, undertaking a blanket recall is sometimes the only option.

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The recent emission software problem for Volkswagen is a case in point. But, according to a new infographic from OSV car leasing, it’s by no means the biggest recall in history. Here’s their interesting top ten:

Top Car Recalls Of All Time

  1. Honda in 2014

Coming in at number ten on the list is Honda who had to recall 5.4 million cars because they had a problem with their airbags inflating.

  1. General Motors in 2014

5.8 million cars were recalled because of an issue with the ignition switch on some vehicles. Essentially this meant that the engine would cut out while driving along. There was also a problem with airbags and the entire recall cost the company $4 billion to put right.

  1. General Motors in 1981

After accidents were reported, nearly 6 million cars had to be taken back to the dealer because of problems with the rear suspension.

  1. General Motors in 1971

Cars accelerating suddenly was the big issue for General Motors ten years earlier, something that was finally put down to faulty engine mounts. This led to the recall of 7 million cars all of which had to be fitted with an expensive restraining bolt.

  1. Toyota in 2012

A minor problem with electric windows meant that Toyota had to call back 7.4 million cars, something that was thought to cost the company several billions to put right.

  1. Ford in 1996

Fires in vehicles were finally put down to a fault with the ignition switch for Ford in 1996 and led to the recall of 7.9 million vehicles.

  1. Volkswagen in 2016

The recall of 8.5 million cars and vans because of dodgy emission checking software made front page news for Volkswagen as well as costing them some £12 billion to rectify.

  1. Toyota in 2009

This recall actually had to happen twice, costing the company a lot of money. An acceleration problem meant that cars were suddenly speeding up but an initial misdiagnosis compounded things. In all, 9 million cars were recalled.

  1. Ford in 1999

When cruise control started causing fires in some cars, Ford were forced to recall a staggering 15 million vehicles.

  1. Ford in 1980

Way out ahead with a 21 million vehicle recall, this is still the biggest in history. When cars started coming out of park and moving down the road of their own accord, Ford initially decided it was enough to issue everyone with a sticker warning of the problem. Of course this didn’t work and the vehicles finally had to be recalled and repaired.

The Top 10 Car Recalls Of All Time

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