Tom Russo: Berkshire To `Plow’ Money Into Burlington

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 Gardner Russo & GardnerI found this great video of Tom Russo on Bloomberg TV. Russo keeps a low profile, but he is a great fund manager with a great track record. I could not find Russo’s current track record, but to my knowledge he has crushed the S&P500 since inception in 1989. Russo is General Partner of the Semper Vic Partners. He manages approximately ~$4 billion.

Russo likes companies that generate tremendous amounts of free cash flow and are cheap.  Russo tends to hold a very concentrated portfolio. Right now Philip Morris and Berkshire Hathaway comprise 33% of his portfolio. 35% of his portfolio is in financials, and 45% in consumer goods.


Russo commented on Berkshire’s plans for Burlington Northern Sante Fe in the video below:

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