Tips To Save Time And Money When Moving House

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Each year, 10 percent of Americans move house. This is around 32 million people – which is a lot.

Of course in the post-pandemic world, lots of homeowners are looking to switch to new locations for a fresh and exciting start. Because you’re reading this guide, it’s fair to assume that you’re one of these people, too.

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If so, that’s great – as this guide has some amazing tips that will help to save you time and money when moving house. Whether you’re a young person moving house for the first time or an elderly couple who are moving to a new holiday home, you’ll be sure to find these tips helpful.

Without further delay, let’s take a look.

Firstly, Prioritize Your Furniture

Without a doubt, the most difficult part about moving house is the furniture. If it wasn’t for furniture, everything would be a breeze. Unfortunately, it can’t be that way!

Not to worry, though, as there are now lots of reliable furniture shipping companies for homeowners to use. Everything from mattresses to couches can be transported and handled with care, making life extremely easy for you.

Remember, no matter what happens, never leave you furniture planning until the last second. Instead, it’s much smarter to stay ahead of the curve by planning your furniture well in advance – especially if you have a lot of it.

Also, don’t attempt to move furniture that your car doesn’t have space for. Instead, leave it to the professionals to do for you. They will have the muscle and equipment to move furniture safely, you are unlikely to have the correct experience.

Choose The Cheapest Possible Move Day

When you talk to your removals company over the phone (or via their website), make sure to choose the cheapest possible move day. In the long run, this could save you hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars.

Summer is when you will experience the highest moving costs due to the fact that days are longer and brighter. Plus, most people move homes in the summer, meaning removal companies are inundated with customers.

Therefore, it’s usually best to move either in the autumn or wintertime. On top of this, try to move either on a Sunday or Wednesday, as these are generally the cheapest days of the week for moving house.

Declutter Your Home

When you have a move-in date decided, it’s essential that you declutter your home as soon as possible. This is to ensure that you get all your belongings in order before it’s too late.

After decluttering your home and each individual room, you might discover a whole range of items that you no longer need. Three ideas on what to do with belongings you no longer want are:

  • Sell them online (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)
  • Donate them to charity
  • Give them to friends and family

You could even hold a garage sale for people from your neighborhood to come and check out.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Cling Onto Belongings!

Be ruthless in getting rid of your belongings. Obviously sentimental items should come with you, but don’t cling onto items that you do not need in your life anymore. You will just make life more difficult for you whilst moving. More space will get taken up in the removals van as well as your new home when you’re unpacking everything.

Consider Using A Storage Unit

Next, you might want to consider using a storage unit.

For example, if you’re part of a big family with a spouse and children, you likely have a ton of furniture and belongings that you want to take with you. Some of these items might be particularly important and fragile, which could make you anxious about moving them in a large move to another house.

In these situations a storage unit can be very useful to you. A remote storage unit is essentially a miniature warehouse where you can safely store any belongings you like, from art pieces to clothing.

Generally, storage units are a great solution for delicate items as well as items that you are not sure you want to keep or get rid of – depending on how you decorate your new home. Rather than rushing into anything, you can simply store them away at a storage unit. Then, after you’ve settled into your new home, you can go and collect your items and decide what to do with them next.

Buy Your Moving Boxes In Bulk

Nowadays, you can buy cheap and recyclable moving boxes online in bulk. This is an excellent strategy to use when moving house, as it simplified the packaging process.

Don’t worry if you order too many boxes, as you can save them for a later date. For now, focus on a rough estimate of how many you’ll need. Your estimate should be made after making a decision on which pieces of furniture are coming with you and which aren’t.

If you’re really strapped for cash, here’s a smart hack: go around your local stores and ask if they have any spare boxes that they’re not using. For example, supermarkets and grocery stores usually have cardboard boxes in the stock rooms that they plan on throwing away or recycling.

Use Lots Of Bubble Wrap

Moving on, here’s the next tip: use lots of bubble wrap.

When you sign a contract with a removals company, there should be an insurance policy in there that means you won’t pay any repair costs if a box becomes damaged.

However, when you’re handling the boxes in your home and outside, there’s nothing to say you won’t drop one. If this happens, you might open the box to discover that an ornament or tech device has broken – which is a nightmare scenario to face (as it means you’ll have to pay for a replacement).

By adding bubble wrap to the inside of all your boxes, you should be able to reduce the likelihood of your belongings getting damaged. Bubble wrap is a classic material for protecting valuable and sensitive items, so make sure you don’t forget to use it!


Moving house is often an expensive and time-consuming process. However, through using the tips mentioned above, you can potentially save you and your family from a lot of stress. You should be able to reduce the overall cost of moving and reduce the amount of time needed as well. Good luck.