Tinder Has A Secret Version, But Only If You Are Hot, Rich Or Famous

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Tinder is a hugely popular casual dating app that connects people from all walks of life. However, the company has been quietly running a secret version of the app, which is an exclusive invite-only app.

Tinder Select – not the first app of its kind

Tinder Select, the clandestine version of the dating app, is supposedly for attractive and high-profile people who can join the platform only on invitation. However, these lucky people cannot nominate or invite anyone else. This safeguards the app’s elitism and keeps it from getting crowded.

TechCrunch displayed a screenshot of Tinder Select, which looks far superior to the main app. There is a navy blue “S” at the top instead of the orange Tinder flame. Users can also toggle between the normal Tinder and the secretive Select version of the app, notes TechCrunch.

This is not the first app that has tried to serve super rich people and elite folks. Raya, another popular app, has been around for more than two years now, and only Instagram’s popular people with a huge fan following are invited to join the Raya community. A similar app, The League, has similar features and is for the elite class. According to Mashable, this app shortlists people based on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and sometimes shows a waiting list, which can be as long as six digits.

Only for the hot and successful

There is no information from Tinder on what basis people are deemed fit to join the elite class. TechCrunch notes that the selected users include super models, CEOs, and various other attractive and famous personalities. However, this sounds vague, as there is no way these super desirable people have such a miserable life that they have to resort to Tinder in order to find a date.

The new version seems to have been around for six months, indicating that the company is not going to open the gates for normal people as of now. However, now that the cat is out of the bag, this discrimination could upset regular users. People also will not like to be told to their face that they are not hot and popular enough for this secret app.

Nevertheless, this translates into the fact that Tinder Select is for the less than 1% of people who are unbelievably attractive, be it in terms of looks, money, power or position.

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