FriendSwipe Lets You Find Facebook Friends On Tinder

If you’re a single smartphone owner it’s quite likely that you have used, or at least heard of, Tinder.

The app presents you with a series of profiles of potential partners, allowing you to swipe right if you like them and left if you don’t. Some people love it, others hate the cold and calculating approach to romance.

New app lets you creep on Facebook friends

While Tinder has become something completely normal for many people, there still remain some areas of risk. What if you have a girlfriend, but you stumble across someone you know on the app? The likelihood of this happening is boosted by the fact that you can see who has Facebook friends in common with you.

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This could be a real problem for some, while most people won’t really mind. If you’ve ever been curious as to which of your Facebook friends have a Tinder profile, an app called FriendSwipe has been built to help you find out.

The best bit, at least for the nosiest of you out there, is that you can snoop on your Facebook friend’s Tinder profile without them even knowing. FriendSwipe scans your Facebook account for friends that are also on Tinder.

Swipe right to see if you match

Log in with your Facebook account on the app and it will display a list of friends that use Tinder. Simply tap on their name to have a snoop around their full profile. You can then choose to swipe left or right to see if you have a match with them.

It really is as simple as that. Now you can check up on which of your friends is on Tinder, and try and make a match with them. However be warned that you might have to act quickly if you think that your crush is on Tinder.

Third-party apps that use the Tinder database for anything other than the main app go against Tinder’s terms of service. This means that FriendSwipe could be taken down from the App Store without notice.

However this doesn’t mean that your pursuit of romance has to end. Now that you know if they are on the dating app, you can just send a message on Facebook Messenger.

Curious Tinder users can download FriendSwipe now

It might be a bit of a creepy way of looking people up, but if you play your cards right they need never know that you found them on Tinder. If you see a profile of someone you like, don’t swipe on the dating app but strike up a conversation by another means.

While it may sound slightly alien to some people, it is arguably still best to meet people in real life rather than online. Of course this might not be possible if your crush lives in another country or even another city. Engineering a situation in which you might bump into that special someone after a long journey is arguably creepier than just looking them up on a Tinder/Facebook app, so please do use your discretion.

Joking aside the FriendSwipe app is likely not to be around for long. It will also probably be used more to spy on Facebook friends rather than actually start chatting them up, and I’m sure it won’t be long before a story emerges about someone finding their partner on Tinder using the app.

While no one likes a cheater, sometimes things are best left undiscovered when they’re virtual. However if you are curious, you can download FriendSwipe now.