Thieves Steal ATM Machines In Nighttime Raids

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Despite the increasing risks of cyber attackers stealing money using digital technology, some thieves still prefer more traditional methods.

Police in Oakland County are looking for a group of criminals that stole ATM machines from two businesses early Wednesday morning. The gang targeted a gas station and a Cash Connection payday advance store, according to CBS Detroit.

ATM nachines theft: Two similar attacks in a matter of hours in Oakland County

Gas station worker Gary Ruskewitz says that two men got away with around $1,000.

“Around 1:30, 2 o’clock in the morning, somebody decided to pry open the door, hook a chain to the ATM and yank it right out of the wall. It destroyed the drywall and 2x4s and all that stuff,” Ruskevitz said.

A few hours later a similar attack took place at the Cash Connection store, located just a few miles away. Thieves crashed a truck through the front doors of the store, grabbed the ATM and made their getaway.

The owner, who asked only to be identified as “Jim,” said that the criminals got away with approximately $3,000. “They broke in but couldn’t get it out by hand so they took a van and smashed it in the back end — it’s an older van — and that’s about it,” he said.

Investigators are looking over CCTV footage with the aim of identifying the criminals. It has not yet been confirmed whether the same people were responsible for both thefts.

Criminal behavior changing due to technological advances

As security improves thanks to technological advances, physical thefts from banks and shops are declining. At the same time, cyber criminals are using sophisticated hacking technology to steal money.

Not only do cyber attackers face less risk of getting caught, they can also make off with far larger amounts of money if they find a security breach in back systems. However for those in need of a cash injection, and without the technical know-how to carry out a cyber attack, it appears that ATM machines are an attractive target.

Instead of holding up a heavily-protected bank during opening hours, thieves can target free-standing ATM machines which are sometimes found in low-security locations like supermarkets and corner stores.

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