ATMs To Be Upgraded To Windows 10 Soon [REPORT]

ATMs To Be Upgraded To Windows 10 Soon [REPORT]
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Microsoft Windows 10, which is due in July, could see automated teller machines (ATM) among its first consumers. The upcoming operating system will be free to download for users that already have Windows 7 or 8 installed on their devices, and the company is expecting a lot of businesses and individulals to go ahead and upgrade as soon as the new OS is available..

Microsoft ending support to Windows 7 is the main reason

Several ATMs have recently upgraded from the outdated XP to the Windows 7 operating system. However, Microsoft will only be providing support for this operating system until 2020. Therefore, the ATM Industry Association, a trade group consisting of several businesses and financial institutions, recommended its members to upgrade to the Windows 10 as quickly as they can after it has been made available in the market.

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Mike Lee, ATMIA’s CEO, suggested, “ATM deployers should start their 2020 migration without delay.” Moreover, the CEO also pointed that it is essential to figure out the ATM configurations that would be compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

Although upgrading to Windows 10 seems like a good idea, the procedure is expected to take a lot of time. In 2014, it was found that even seven years after the launch of Windows 7, almost 95% ATMs in the U.S. were still using Windows XP.

Upgrading to Windows 10 will be useful for banks

Regarding the ATMs that are still using XP, Lee claimed that using XP involves certain security risks and has recommended that these banks upgrade to Windows 7. At the same time, ATMIA has come out in support of the Windows platform, and believes that Windows 10 can eliminate most of the problems that affect Windows 8.

It is important for banks to upgrade to Windows 10 as this will prevent a lot of problems in the future. In addition, this will allow banks to assure their customers that their money is being handled by institutions that use the latest operating system. However, along with the Windows 10, the ATMIA is also exploring other OSes, such as Android and Linux, which could be installed in ATMs in the future.

Furthermore, Microsoft is planning to make Windows 10 an IoT SKU operating system, rather than an embedding software for use in a number of devices, such as ATMs, POS devices, hand held terminals, etc. This would allow users to connect to various other devices  and will facilitate increased flexibility and control.

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