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The Secret Behind The Growth Of The Supplement Industry

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Consumers worldwide are finding new interest in the big business of vitamins and supplements. In fact, 55% to 60% take these substances on a daily basis. This overwhelming growth of the supplement industry is one that experts are observing across all demographics in the US, from age to gender to location.

This is especially significant for consumers ages 35-54, 81% of whom are taking part in this new health trend.

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The Booming Supplement Industry

The consumers know no boundaries when it comes to what types of supplements they are interested in. Specialty supplements, herbals and botanicals, sports nutrition supplements, and even weight management supplements are all seeing an increase in popularity. This change is so significant, that the supplement market hit record growth in 2021 at a CAGR of 14.5%.

These numbers are only projected to rise following the pandemic and the emergence of other global health factors. It is because of these numbers that many people are left asking, what caused the supplement business to grow?

Between aging populations, increased mortality rates, and a society that has just begun to see the light after a global pandemic, there are several factors contributing to this industry’s success. In addition, new scientific backing for these vitamins and supplements increases confidence in them for the consumer.

Studies show that vitamins may improve physiological, cognitive, and functional outcomes. Also, they may reduce injury and improve performance during workouts, as well as slow the rate of brain shrinkage.

Experts are pioneering this movement, pushing for the development of new substances that are shaping the future of the industry. These products are anticipated to reach new heights in the coming years, as products continue to enter the scene at a consistent rate.

Pre-workout supplements are a stellar example of this success, as companies like TruBrain and Your Super have garnered millions in revenue to date. These products are also introducing new ingredients that are appealing to consumers, helping anything from muscle fatigue to boosting endorphins.

Currently, 58 of the top 100 pre-workout products have at least one proprietary blend. As new companies and big players in the industry get in on the action, new blends and ingredients are introduced. This abundance of new products is very appealing to customers, explaining the primary reasoning behind this boom in the industry.

Vitamin and supplement use will only grow and continue to become more complex, further emphasizing why it is so important to be conscious about what one is putting in their body.

the big business of supplement industry

Infofraphic Source: PreWorkout.org