The Industries Most Accepting Of Crypto Revealed In New Research

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New research has revealed the industries which are most accepting of crypto – with travel taking the top spot as 11.54% of travel companies accept crypto, according to new research. 

Traders of Crypto conducted the research as part of a study to see how crypto is moving into the ‘real-world’.

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Top Ten Industries With The Most Crypto-Friendly Companies

Rank Business Type % of Crypto-friendly Companies
1 Travel 11.54%
2 e-commerce 11.06%
3 Non-Profit / Charity 9.13%
4 Food and Beverage 8.65%
5 Gambling 7.21%
5 Retail 7.21%
7 Entertainment 6.25%
7 Internet Services 6.25%
9 Finance 4.33%
10 Gift Cards 3.37%

The travel industry is the most accepting of crypto with 11.54% of researched companies included in the research accepting crypto. E-commerce was a close second with 11.06% and charity organisations was in third with just over 9% of companies accepting crypto donations.

Further Insights From The Research

  • Just under half of the researched companies in the United States accept crypto (49.52%) making it the most accepting in the world.
  • United Kingdom (11.06%) and Germany (4.33%) follow the US on accepting crypto.
  • Some of the biggest companies accepting crypto are: Burger King, McDonald’s, Benfica FC, Miami Dolphins, Expedia and Badoo.