Tesla Model S P90D With Ludicrous Mode Set A New Record

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Tesla released the Model S P90D, a new version of its flagship sedan that comes with the much-hyped Ludicrous node, last year. Following the launch, Motor Trend reported that the vehicle took a mere 10.9 seconds to cover a quarter of a mile. With this, the Model S became one of the rare “10-second cars,” and likely the first production 4-door sedan to make it.

New power capacity giving better performance

Until now, not many Tesla owners have been able to replicate that time even a year since its achievement, but this could have changed. In June, Electrek reported that new Model S P90D owners said that their vehicles had been giving much higher power outputs despite Tesla not making any official change to the Model S except the refresh of the front fascia in April.

However, it was found that the Model S had an additional 50+ horsepower based on reports from owners. Some owners said there was an output of over 500 kW (~672 hp), which is significantly more than the 532 hp that Tesla currently advertises for the vehicle. The EV firm made no comments on it.

It seems the new power capacity is translating into better performance on the drag strip. This weekend an owner of a new Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode recorded several 10-second runs of the vehicle at the Rockingham Dragstrip in North Carolina, of which one took just 10.8 seconds, reports Electrek.

You can view the video here.

Tesla Model S P90D in Ludicrous mode: a tech marvel

A few months ago, ComputerWorld tested and reviewed the high-end P90D version, and said that the vehicle is just like a well-proportioned Audi 8. John Brandon from ComputerWorld said it is heavy and sure on the road and has enough capacity to transport the whole family. When the driver accelerated, the vehicle’s motor gave the feel of a Bugatti.

The vehicle has an equivalent of 762 horsepower, a Tesla representative told Brandon, who said that driving the Model S offers the feeling of driving through thin air, something he felt in the past when he drove a Veyron.

“With a Veyron, you feel the power behind you like you are driving a jet. You smell the high-octane fuel. You hope the brakes work,” Brandon said.

Driving a Model S with Ludicrous mode enabled gives a sense of being seated in a rocket, the author says.

“It’s not “ludicrous” to suggest they push off from zero about the same way,” says Brandon, adding that the Model S is a tech marvel.

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