Tesla Motors Inc Reconfirms Model X Deliveries For September

Tesla Motors Inc Reconfirms Model X Deliveries For September
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Tesla is set to start delivering the much talked-about Model X SUV by the end of September, the company confirmed on its earnings call yesterday. Tesla’s last release, the Model S, was three years ago. The Tesla Model X will come with gull-wing doors and seating for seven.

Tesla Model X pricing still unknown

On Wednesday, Tesla confirmed that it will initiate Model X deliveries before the end of the third quarter. Tesla CEO Elon Musk informed investors that within two to three weeks’ time, the company will make available a configuration tool on its website to help customers choose colors, interior features and performance characteristics for their Model X.

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Tesla unveiled the Model X in 2012, and the automaker initially expected to put the vehicle into production by the end of 2013. Already 20,000 drivers have reserved a Model X by making an advance payment of $5,000. The actual pricing of the Model X is not known for now, but is expected to be somewhere around the pricing of the Model S, which has a starting price of $50,000 after-federal-tax credits and gas savings.

Model X a bigger version of Model S D

Tesla’s Model X can be seen as a slightly taller version of the D version of its Model S sedan, which is all-wheel drive. The upcoming vehicle’s greater suspension and all-wheel drive is expected to attract those who drive on rough roads and in weather conditions that are not very suitable for driving. Seating for seven makes it a good choice for the family trips.

On Wednesday, the electric car maker released its earnings statement for the second quarter. It also gave the combined number of units of the new Model X and the Model S it expects to deliver. For the third quarter, the company expects to ship 12,000 vehicles, which is similar to the number shipped in the second quarter but is higher by 60% than last year’s third quarter. Of the total, as expected, the majority will be the Model S, while the Model X will make up a “small number.”

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