Tesla Model X Looks All Set For Timely Release

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The Model X will be an absolutely critical vehicle for Tesla, as the company attempts to recover from the recent slump in its stock price. Tesla is a company which experiences possibly more fluctuations in fortune than any other major business, and this is very much due to the nature of the electric car market. This is not an established sphere of business, and many analysts remain sceptical about the abilities of Tesla to achieve long-term growth.

Model X critical for Tesla

The unpredictability of electric cars is underlined by the fact that for every analyst which is dubious about the prospects of Tesla, there is another which is strongly believes in the potential of the corporation. There is both a lot of uncertainty and excitement ahead for Tesla, but what is certain is that the Model X will be extremely important in its immediate future.

This forthcoming SUV is one of the most hotly anticipating vehicles in any niche of the motor industry, not least because its existence has been shrouded in doubt. The release of this vehicle has always been relatively concrete, but the schedule related to it has been considerably more nebulous.

Tesla has had to tolerate numerous delays to the Model X since the existence of the vehicle was first announced, but it now seems that all is proceeding as planned for its unveiling. Enthusiastic customers of Tesla have been awaiting this moment for quite some time, and the corporation has recently confirmed that both the alpha and beta prototypes of the electric SUV have been completed, and that everything is progressing as planned.

With prototypes now seemingly in the can, all that remains for the electric car manufacturer is to produce the final Model X road vehicle, which is still intended for release in September of this year. Tesla now insists that this purported date of release will be met as intended; obviously production of the prototypes is good news for the electric car company.

Some analysts will undoubtedly remain sceptical that this news will correlate with a timely Model X release. Considering the delays that have already been faced by this vehicle, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see it pushed back further still. This is an extremely important product in the future of Tesla, and it is essential that the quality of the vehicle is up to the boasts of the corporation ahead of its release.

Model X to be performance vehicle

This is a vehicle that is not only eco-friendly, but also one that has been repeated to be first-class in terms of performance. The notable founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has stated that the Model X will blow people away with its acceleration and speed once it is finally released. And early impressions of the car from independent observers have certainly been positive thus far.

In anticipation of a stellar release of the Model X, it has been reported that Tesla is expecting to deliver around 55,000 vehicles worldwide in 2015. However, the majority of these will be the existing Model S, considering that the Model X is obviously slated for a release toward the end of the year. With Model X production capacity currently standing at around 1,000 units a week, it is possible that we may see around 10,000 Model X vehciles being released and on the road by the end of 2015.

While Tesla is fully intending to penetrate markets all over the world, in the immediate future the Chinese marketplace will be particularly important for the manufacturer. China has infamously experienced massive problems with pollution, owing to rapid industrialization, and the electric car is seen as being particularly attractive to consumers in China; not least because the government is openly attempting to address the issue by incentivizing electric car purchases.

Model X to be classic American car

The performance of the Model X in the United States will also be of particular interest to Tesla. Firstly, this is naturally the native market of the corporation, and one always hopes to do well on one’s home turf. But this is also an important niche for Tesla, as the Model X vehicle provides an electric car that is perfectly attuned to the form that Americans typically favor. While the Roadster and Model S were proof that’s Tesla could deliver vehicles of high quality, the Model X can be viewed as much more of a core product aimed at America’s heartlands.

In the meantime, there have been reports this week that Tesla has been road testing the Model X ahead of its purported release. Video has been released on the Internet of a test driver seemingly deliberately crashing a Model X test vehicle, in what is probably an attempt to test drive the autopilot system.

The past seven days have also seen a camouflage version of the Model X being tested on Californian roads, with the Tesla crossover vehicle doing some acceleration and obtaining manoeuvre tests in a parking lot.

CEO Musk himself acknowledges the importance of Tesla getting the Model X right, particularly emphasizing the extent to which it will appeal to female drivers. The autopilot has been promoted as a particularly important feature of the series, one that will enable Tesla to compete on equal terms with cutting-edge automakers.

Model X Key in Apple-Tesla Links

If the Model X is successful, it may intensify the links between Tesla and Apple, or even push Apple into developing its own electric vehicle. These two corporations have been indelibly linked in the last 12 months, with even CEO Musk having confirmed that Apple held talks with Tesla. While the nature of these talks has not been fully revealed, it is increasingly speculated that Apple intends to develop an electric vehicle of some sort in the near future, or possibly even that it might be interested in a buyout of the Tesla.

This remains speculation for the time being, but Apple will certainly have its eyes firmly trained on the release of the Model X. Thankfully for Tesla, this looks increasingly likely as if it will actually occur on time.

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