Tesla Model S Gets Revamped Look Courtesy Of Larte Design

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Tesla Motors’ Model S will now feature some upgrades to its looks from the car-tuners Larte Design. The German car experts recently revealed a new styling kit for the electric car at the 2015 TOP Marques show in Monaco.

Styling kit components made of basalt fibers

The German company indicated that the whole package will soon be available for order through its legal distributors.

Changes planned to the aerodynamic Tesla front-end will be the addition of a new front bumper having a distinct grill design along with newly designed front fender vents. In addition, the car will display new rocker panels on the sides, as well as a new bumper and two spoilers at the back.

Notably, all of these parts have been manufactured from basalt fiber, which is obtained from the igneous volcanic rocks. Due to the high strength-to-weight ratio of the fibers, these components are very light weight. For instance, the entire bumper with all its accessories weighs just 13 kg, Larte notes.

Interiors also remodeled for Tesla Model S

Apart from the exterior remodeling, the interior of the Tesla Model S has also been modified by the German firm and the wheels have been made larger and bulkier. Moreover, the tuners mentioned an output of 700 horsepower and are also said to be working on a false engine sound for the Model S.

The price of the styling gear is still unknown, but some are predicting it in the four- to five-figure range, In describing the design, Larte claims that their engineers have developed ‘lightning-like clear lines to highlight the sporty nature of this superb vehicle.’

Separately, Tesla Motors so called ‘Gigafactory,’ which is being constructed in eastern Nevada, has already hit at least $62.4 million in spending, according to a report from RGJ. The facility is having a 1.5 million-gallon water tank installed, and some concrete work on the factory substation is also underway. Both these developments are expected to total up to $1.2 million. The Gigafactory, which aims to be largest ion-battery plant in the world, will require a total investment of $5 billion through 2020.

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