Tesla Gigafactory To Manufacture Batteries By 2016

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The factory is incredibly important in order to cut the costs of its batteries. Tesla plans to release the Model 3 in 2017 and it is supposed to be significantly cheaper than its predecessors the Model S and the X. By producing its own batteries Tesla predicts that the cost of the units will be slashed by 30%.

Tesla: cutting battery costs

According to the company’s recent annual filing, batteries will initially be produced for its Model S and Model X cars, beginning in 2016. Considering that workers only broke ground on the site in the summer of 2014, it goes to show how quickly Tesla is working to get the factory up and running.

Production of batteries is of crucial importance to the success of the cheaper Model 3, which is supposed to be launched in 2017. Large-scale battery production is expected to be reached by 2020.

Even though the facility will not be working at full capacity in time for the release of the Model 3, it remains impressive that Tesla is forging ahead so quickly. Not only is the facility brand new, but Tesla has limited experience in manufacturing batteries. The site needs to remain on schedule in order to allow for the testing of batteries produced there before the launch of the Model 3.

A major step away from fossil fuels

A local resident who goes by the name of Bob Tregilus has taken some photos of how the gigafactory is progressing, and you can see that several of the buildings are already being framed and roofed. Currently Panasonic is the only partner Tesla has in the battery factory, but it is thought that other partners will be brought in at a later date.

The huge factory is expected to make as many lithium-ion batteries in one location as there are currently being manufactured in the entire world. The move away from fossil fuels could see a big push from the gigafactory, and it’s encouraging to see construction advancing so quickly.

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