Tesla Model S Bags Top Spot In AAA Green Car Rankings

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Tesla Motors’ Model S P85D Performance has been ranked first in the AAA Green Car Guide for this year. In a review carried out by the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center (ARC), about 88 vehicles were placed in 13 different groups and then tested and rated accordingly. The EV carmaker bagged the leading position in the large car category.

Tesla Model S preferred for comfort and quality of ride

Tesla’s Model S acquired the leading positions in the overall and the large car groups, while Nissan’s Versa SV was voted the “Best value” green car for 2015. Following Tesla’s Model S, the e-Golf SEL Premium was granted the second position, while the BMW i3 was placed at the third spot. Other cars in the top ten are the Audi A8 LTDI Quattro Tiptronic and Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid Limited.

According to Megan McKernan, manager of ARC, all of the researchers favored Tesla for its comfort and “ride quality.” Moreover, the Model S was claimed to have the finest acceleration among all the vehicles. Though having a range of 253 miles between successive charges, the P85D’s battery was said to take 12 long hours to get fully re-charged. Nevertheless, the Model S was voted the best green electric vehicle for this year.

More on AAA Car Guide

ARC’s analysis of the cars, featuring in the 160-page 2015 AAA Car Guide, was aimed at assisting people involved in the green car or truck market. The research center first classified the cars into six categories, along with acknowledging an “overall Green Car” and “Best value” contestants. Then several tests were conducted to decide the finalists and winners for each group.

The selection process of the vehicles tested under the review analysis by ARC included consideration of emission certificates provided by the California Air Resources Board and U.S. EPA fuel economy ratings. Also the study took into account the significant year-by-year changes made to the vehicles by their manufacturers. Further, the tests were operated on Southern Californian roads at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. The results obtained, including the various lists, will be published in the AAA Car Guide that will be available to the company’s members for free.

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