Tesla Model 3 Will Be Super-Fast: Leaked Specs

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The Tesla Model 3 will be the first affordable car from the company known for the super-speedy and ultra-luxurious Model S, but Tesla apparently won’t be skimping on it. Leaked specs indicate that the Model 3 will have plenty of get-up-and-go as well, despite its more affordable price tag. Perhaps we’ll hear confirmation of some of these specs when Tesla holds its next official event before the end of the year.

Tesla Model 3 specs leaked

The folks at Electrek shared some specs for the Tesla Model 3 that had been leaked to them. They said the electric car will have a power capacity that’s pretty close to that of the Model S. Tesla is apparently planning to incorporate new inverter architecture as well. The rear-wheel drive Model S and Model X have a 320kW inverter built right on TO-247 insulated-gate bipolar transistor packages, Electrek explains.

The website adds that the automaker’s engineers used off-the-shelf power semiconductor packages to build dual-motor inverters by improving upon them. Additionally, these same engineers have been tasked with building the inverter architecture for the Model 3, although this time they will be starting from scratch instead of beginning with off-the-shelf packages. Electrek cites a source close to the Model 3’s powertrain team.

The website explains that because Tesla aims to produce 500,000 cars in 2018, the volumes are getting high enough to make it make sense for the automaker to develop custom components for its cars.

Tesla Model 3 power capacity like the Model S

Electrek’s source said that by starting from scratch, Tesla’s engineers have been able to build new inverter architecture that will have a capacity in excess of 300kW, which is comparable to that of the rear-wheel drive Model S. Keep in mind that the Model S is much more expensive and larger than the Tesla Model 3 will be.

The automaker is also aiming at manufacturing the Model 3 with 25% fewer unique parts, the website said. It added that Tesla has also been able to “significantly increase both the volumetric and gravimetric current density.” Additionally, it said the inverter for the Model 3 will likely be far less expensive in terms of dollar per power capacity than the current newest dual motor inverter system.

How will the Tesla Model 3 perform?

So what does all this mean for the Tesla Model 3 in terms of performance? We had already heard officially from CEO Elon Musk that the base Model 3 will have a range of 215 miles and be able to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds. He added that the higher-end versions will have even better specs and that there will be a Ludicrous option.

Electrek reported the day before the unveiling of the Model 3 that a source said the automaker was targeting a 0-60 time of less than 4 seconds for the high-end dual motor all-wheel-drive Model 3. The website said now that the new details are in line with that report. It added that a main drive unit with more than 300kW, combined with a dual motor system that’s similar to what Tesla currently uses “could easily achieve supercar-like performance similar to the Model S.”

Needless to say, if Tesla does make the Model 3 just as powerful and fast as the Model S and Model X, it will have to step up the game on its two high-end models to differentiate them and keep the Model 3 from cannibalizing them any more than it already is. One way we already know Tesla is planning to keep them differentiated is with it Supercharging network as Model 3 owners will have to purchase an extra package or pay to use the Superchargers. Model S and Model X owners don’t and still won’t after the Model 3 is out.

Shares of Tesla surged 4.08% to $210.02 during regular trading hours on Wednesday.

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