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Tesla Motors Inc Drivers Now Have Fewer Things To Worry About

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Tesla cars are so popular that charging stations are coming up short at peak times. Now, to address the issue (although only partly), the company has come up with an idea that will save customers’ time and get their vehicles charged while they are working. This will also relieve them from the worry of running out of charge on their way back home.

Makes life easier for Tesla drivers

Tesla has teamed up with Luxe, an on-demand valet service, to only park but charge the vehicles as well, says a report from TechCrunch. The report states that Luxe will work with the car maker to provide customers with charging and other services for its cars.

Tesla users, are required to download the Luxe app to avail the services and must enter their destination before leaving or when they are up to 100 miles away from it. One of Luxe’s valets will be present at the destination to park the car in one of its secure parking lots. The service offers users options like a car wash, overnight storage, drive-home options and a charge too.

“Upon having their car parked with Luxe, interested customers may simply tap on the Tesla charging icon and Luxe will charge the vehicle while it has possession of it,” Luxe said in a statement to TechCrunch.

Luxe offers varying packages

Tesla will also pre-install Luxe in car dashboards, enabling drivers to access services from within the car, including parking and additional services like car washes. Presently, the partnership appears to be in the beta stage, and only Tesla owners in San Francisco and New York have access to it.

Luxe already provides these services to other car owners. The company also offers returns within 20 minutes and seven-day advance bookings. The service firm offers varying packages ranging from $15 for 1 EV charge, excluding parking costs, to a package of 5 EV charges for $65 plus parking.

Luxe’s website has information on subscriptions available to Tesla owners in San Francisco and New York. The company has been able to raise $25.5 million to date from a large number of investors, and teaming up with Tesla is an interesting development for it. Luxe has surely hit on a great idea since nobody likes the hassle of parking, especially in crowded cities.

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