Tesla: A Dashboard Concept That Reduces Visual Clutter

Tesla: A Dashboard Concept That Reduces Visual Clutter
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When Tesla Model S arrived in 2012, users were impressed by its sleek, easy to use dashboard. It was something people had never experienced in a car before. The dashboard has also been compared to Apple’s iPad. The component, design, and manufacturing process of Tesla’s dashboard have more in common with a mobile device than a conventional car. However, the dashboard is more than three years old now, and it is showing its age.

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Huang’s concept reduces the visual noise

The electric vehicle maker is still working on a redesign. Meanwhile, Alex Huang of Y Media Labs has come up with a stunning Tesla dashboard concept. Imagining the redesigned dashboard, Huang kept the user experience more or less the same, while reducing the visual noise and UI chrome. The rendering has a clean UI that is easy to use and scan while driving.

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Third Party Apps

Huang also imagined what the connected third-party apps would look like on the dashboard. You can find all the connected apps in the Apps section. From your Tesla dashboard, you could use Facebook, Twitter and others apps. You could request valet service from anywhere using the Luxe app from your dashboard. Huang’s concept offers a unique take on Tesla’s original dashboard.

Tesla Luxe

Tesla’s version 7.1 software to bring more improvements

Alex Huang further shows how users can book hotels on the go right from the dashboard, without having to take out their smartphones. Tesla offers firmware upgrades over the air. Users can download them via a cellular network or WiFi, eliminating the need to go through dealers and retailers.

Earlier this month, the EV maker introduced autopilot feature as part of version 7 of the software powering Model S and Model X crossover. Elon Musk has informed fans that soon the company would push out version 7.1 that will bring improvements to existing features. The autopilot system includes autopilot parking feature, but it doesn’t allow you to hop off the vehicle and let it park itself on its own. This feature will arrive with version 7.1.

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