Tesla CEO Elon Musk Is Calling For More In-Car Gaming

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is calling on the company to work more toward in-car gaming alongside the push toward autonomous vehicles. On Twitter, the Tesla CEO said entertainment like in-car gaming “will be critical when cars drive themselves.”

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Tesla CEO calls for more in-car gaming

Musk went on to ask Twitter users what Tesla should "do with in-car gaming in an autonomous world." He suggested that Tesla drivers play Polytopia in their vehicles, adding that a multiplayer online version is "coming soon." Musk also received several suggestions about games to add to Tesla vehicles.

According to Electrek, Tesla pushed out a software update last weekend, which included some changes to the user interfaces. The most significant new features were three new in-car games and a new Boombox feature that plays custom sounds through external speakers. Polytopia, the game Musk mentioned in his tweet, was one of the games that were added with the latest software update.

Racing toward a major milestone

In other Tesla news, the company is on a tight timeline to achieve its previous guidance of delivering half a million vehicles this year, but Musk says it's still possible. In an email obtained by Electrek, he told employees that Tesla would have to "go all out" to reach that milestone of 500,000 cars delivered in 2020.

To reach that goal, the automaker must deliver more than 181,000 vehicles during the fourth quarter. There's been debate about whether Tesla can pull it off because that's an increase of over 40,000 cars from the previous quarterly delivery record set during the third quarter.

Earlier this month, Musk told employees in another email that there was plenty of demand during the fourth quarter to help them achieve the 500,000-vehicle delivery goal. However, he also said that to reach that milestone, they would have to increase production.

Now with only days left in 2020, the Tesla CEO has sent another email to employees in which he asked employees to "go all out to make it happen." He requested that workers help at the end of the line to get more vehicles to buyers at the end of the quarter. Musk said they especially needed help to ensure cars built late in the quarter can be delivered immediately without any additional improvements required after the pre-delivery inspection.