Tesla Making Gains – The Best Car Brands On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Best Car Brands On Social Media

In this day and age, people expect recognizable brands to have an online presence, whether that’s an intuitive website or active social media profile. However many household names are still slow to embrace the latter, despite how useful it can be for raising brand awareness, offering customer support or amassing a loyal following.

Where car brands are concerned, social media is great for generating buzz around a new launch, sharing fan pictures and answering existing and potential customer queries. Nissan top the charts for the most popular tweet, amassing 26,000 RTs and 21,000 likes with their Nissan GTR picture poking fun at Kim Kardashian.

On the other hand, Renault were founded over 100 years ago (104 years before Tesla!), yet have the lowest Twitter following out of the top manufacturers. As expected, Mercedes-Benz boast the largest following overall, though interestingly have yet to master Facebook to the level that Nissan have.

Looking at the youngest social media platform of the three, Instagram, reveals that despite having less followers than Mercedes-Benz, BMW gets the most hashtag mentions. This shows that BMW owners are potentially more vain than their Mercedes counterparts, or perhaps Mercedes owners don’t feel the need to shout about their cars?

What’s also interesting is how car brands choose to break up their social accounts geographically. For example, Toyota have 12 separate Twitter profiles covering Europe, America and Canada, as well as more targeted ones such as Ireland, Portugal and France. Honda on the other hand, have a single Twitter account that caters to all audiences, meaning they may struggle to cater to each language.

The below visualization explorers which of the top car brands is the most successful across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Surprisingly, some of the oldest car brands have a non-existent following, with ‘new kids on the block’ Tesla already surpassing much of the competition.

The Best Car Brands On Social Media

Infographic source: Car Dealer Reviews

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