Pakistan: Terrorists Attack School Football Match In Kurram Agency

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One person reportedly killed and at least 4 others injured during attack at school in the lower Kurram area.

Explosions and gunshots reported at school

Authorities in Lower Kurram have said that the school football match came under fire from terrorists. An explosion was also reported at the site.

Reports from the scene state that a football match was being played at Alizai High School in lower Kurram. Sources now claim that two explosions were heard from the premises.

“It is a terrorist attack and the target was a football match,” stated a political administration official. “Terrorists opened fire at the players and spectators in the football ground,” added the official.

Sectarian unrest common in the local area

Local news channels report that two suicide bombers attempted to enter the school premises, but were stopped by security officials outside the football ground. The attackers exchanged fire with the security forces, and one of them was shot dead.

The other suicide bomber reportedly managed to trigger his device and blew himself up. Security forces managed to prevent a greater number of deaths and injuries by confronting the attackers before they could enter the stadium, where over 100 people were reportedly present.

The individual who sadly died has been identified as Siraj Hussain. His body has been transferred to the Alizai hospital, along with the injured. A state of emergency was declared at all of the hospitals in the Kurram Agency region.

Panic struck at the site of the attack, and a large number of security forces reportedly rushed to the area to secure the site.

The town of Alizai is the second largest in the Lower Kurram Agency, and sectarian unrest is common in the Shia-dominated area. Officials claim that all four victims of the attack were members of the Shia community.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack thus far, but officials have said that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan are likely culprits.


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