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Have you ever wondered how the huge companies we see on every street corner and in every magazine actually came to be and what their very first product was, well here are a few for you to ponder on. When you consider that many of these products were a far cry from the commodities we associate these giant corporations with today it might make you think a little.

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For example take Nintendo, a Japanese company with its headquarters based in Kyoto and one of the biggest names in video gaming in the world. Without doubt one of the market leaders in all things ‘techy’ having brought us the hugely popular multi million dollar video gaming genre including Super Mario, Pokemon and Doom, not to mention the incredible gaming devices to play these games on. So it might come as a bit of a surprise to you to learn that Nintendo started out in 1889 as a playing card manufacturer.

Motorola is another company that has an instantly recognisable emblem and is well known as one of the greatest American success stories. Founded in 1928 and producing battery eliminators which basically reduce the need for standard batteries the company eventually lost several million dollars leading up to 2009 when the company fragmented and the electrical giant we know today was created. Their first great success being the car radio, indeed the company name comes from the combination of the two words ‘motor’ for car and ‘ola’ taken from the word Victrola meaning sound.

Nokia, a well know giant in the field of all thing electronic specialising in mobile phones and  telecommunications industry was founded in Finland in 1865 and started life producing office stationary, military equipment and rubber products. In the 1990’s their domination of the telecommunications industry was worldwide and today most people will have at least one Nokia product in their home or office.

Another company that dominates today’s electronic and telecommunications industry is Samsung. The company was founded in South Korea in 1938 making electrical goods like washing machines, fridges and televisions, in the 1980’s and 90’s they made components for larger companies and today they are one of the world leading brands in mobile devices like phones and tablets. The Samsung brand is synonymous with all things technological.

IBM, an American company founded in 1911 started life inventing and producing computing scales, time clocks for recording working hours and computerised adding machines. In the 1960’s IBM was one of the first companies to bring computer technology to the consumer and the office and today it leads the world in all things computer related having created the storage ‘cloud’ that almost every person in the world uses regularly.

So you see it is not necessarily the first attempt at generating a product that might bring your fame and fortune knocking and it may well be that you have several setbacks along the way but the secret is to keep on trying till you get there.

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